How does a hoverboard work? What To Consider?

Have you ever seen someone glide effortlessly on a hoverboard and wondered how on earth can they maintain their balance on something that looks so unpredictable? Have you been delaying your decision to buy a hoverboard because you’re still not confident about riding one? If you are looking for best hoverboards or just curious about how hoverboard works, let us break down the mechanics involved in making hoverboards a sure fire thrilling experience.

Every hoverboard requires certain essential components to make it functional and safe for you to use. These components include:

  1. The outer frame of the hoverboard
  2. The motherboard responsible for processing information coming from different sensors
  3. Gyroscopes
  4. Electric motors
  5. Infrared sensors
  6. Tilt/speed sensors
  7. Pressure pads

The main stars of the show here are the gyroscope and tilt/speed sensors that work in cahoots to give you a smooth riding experience as you shift your weight around on the hoverboard. Gyroscopes are responsible for maintaining your center of gravity as you ride so the board stays balanced at all times and on all terrains. Similarly, the tilt/speed sensors work in coordination with sensors inside the wheels of the hoverboard and send information to the motherboard.  In addition to these sensors, pressure pads inside the foot rest of the hoverboard are tasked with monitoring any changes in the weight distribution that eventually translates into rotational mechanism of the board.

All this information is useless unless there is a motherboard present that can analyze the incoming signals and make sure that the hoverboard stays balanced, maintains the desired speed and does not unnecessarily accelerate or decelerate resulting in any injury. Self-balancing hoverboards owe their performance to the gravitational force. As long as your center of gravity does not shift out of the hoverboard, you can enjoy a smooth ride. Any sudden shift in your center of gravity will eventually lead to a bad accident.

This whole mechanism is quite intricate but superbly executed by the sensors and the motherboard present inside the hoverboard. If you still can’t wrap your head around how does a hoverboard work, try balancing a stick on the tip of your finger. Any minor movement in your hand will cause the stick to fall as the center of gravity shifts. To balance the stick you have to constantly move your hand around so the stick stays in its place. The hoverboard work on pretty much the same principle and all the sensors ensure that the board remain balanced and maintains its speed.

The prevalent concern among customers who are looking to buy a hoverboard is the risk of batteries overheating which can lead to the hoverboard catching fire. This problem main arises due to poor replacement of the battery inside the chassis. In well-engineered hoverboards, the battery is placed on the opposite side of the motherboard for efficient heat distribution. This repositioning of the internal circuits has greatly reduced the chances of any accident making hoverboards safe for children and adults alike.

If you are wondering how to ride a hoverboard or a self balancing scooter then checkout this video.

If you are in the market for a hoverboard, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind before making a purchase.

Built quality

Since the hoverboard has to support your whole weight, stronger built quality will not succumb to the pressure exerted by your feet when stabilizing yourself.

Safety standards compliance

Overheating batteries and faulty connections are a big hindrance in enjoying your hoverboard experience. Please check if the product you are buying conforms to the safety standards in your region.

Wheel Size

Bigger wheel size will provide better traction on different terrains but will draw more power from the motors. Smaller wheel size may be more energy efficient but will only be suitable on flat, even surfaces. Potential customers have to make this trade off between wheel size and longer battery life depending on the terrain they plan to ride their hoverboards on.

Maximum load capacity

Different hoverboards can support different weight levels. If you are looking to buy a hover board, make sure that you get one that supports your weight so you can easily ride it without breaking or worrying about inefficient power generation.

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