10 Best wireless routers for home in 2020

Internet has become a necessity and life without an internet connection feels like living in stone age. To have this necessity anywhere in your home you need a wireless router. Or you can wait for Elon Musk’s vision to realize and provide global internet coverage through SpaceX launched satellites. Lets just stick with wireless routers for now and we’ll let Elon Musk do his thing. No pressure.

Though being a necessity, a wireless router can cost you like a luxury item with abundance of features and functionalities which you are never going to use and do not even need them in first place. All we want is a wireless router than can provide enough bandwidth for fast browsing and streaming, stay connected to multiple devices and has enough range to keep our devices connected even on our tours to the bathroom. For that purpose, we have crawled all over the web to bring you best wireless routers for home and best wireless router under 100 that have all the basic features and are not shy of any modern day expensive wireless routers in keeping you connected to the world in fastest way.

Well, here goes our list of best WiFi routers for home:

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Router (R7000P)


NETGEAR is the pioneer in introducing the world’s fastest wireless router. It took years of struggle and evolution in technology that brought wireless routers to a new height. Thanks to NETGEAR and its inexpensive wireless routers, there are more homes connected to the internet now. In this wireless router under 100, NETGEAR has provided every feature that almost any household may need at any point of time except if there are more than 35 people living in the house as it comes recommended for up to 35 connected devices at a time.

This wireless router is destined to solve your WiFi range issues with its 2000 square feet wireless coverage and that too with its dual bands that provide 600 + 1625 Mbps speed. With this much speed you are in for a surprise with streaming videos, online games, surfing the internet or just keeping your smart devices connected.

For any of your devices which do not support wireless connectivity like your desktop, game box or printer, you can always connect them through its Gigabit Ethernet ports for more direct internet experience. This wireless router under 100 is a beast when it comes to some advance technologies under the hood including dual core 1 GHz processor, three amplified antennas, MU-MIMO (Multiple users, Multiple inputs, Multiple Outputs), Beamforming, Dynamic QoS, Smart Connect and Alexa voice control options are a few to mention. If there is any device or even storage drive that you want to share with rest of your family, then just connect that device or storage drive to this wireless router using any of 3.0 or 2.0 USB ports and create a personal cloud storage that would be accessible to all of the users connected to your home WiFi.

This device has some free features and for some you have to get a monthly subscription. As for free features you can pause device internet access to any particular user, provision of guest WiFi access, DoS Firewall, VPN, view any site’s usage history or filter any website you want. As for the subscription based features, you can set online time limits on the device itself or schedule internet access to any particular user or all the users at once for $4.99/month but we reckon these are some advanced features that you won’t be needing anytime soon and are required only if you are going to set this device up at your office or any public place.

The famous NETGEAR Armor is capable of protecting your network and all the connected devices from any cyber intruders or threats with the help of best in class anti-virus, anti-malware and data protection suits which unfortunately are only available with a monthly subscription. In our opinion you are not going to need them unless this device is being set up at a bank and you need fool proof security as this device supports WPA2 security protocols. Moreover, installation of this router is a breeze as Nighthawk App makes it a snap to set up your router. You just have to connect your internet Ethernet cable to the router and the app will walk you through simple setup steps.

Customer Reviews and Scores

A true contender for best wireless router for home, it is hard to compete with this device even for big guns out there when it comes to users’ liking and acceptance. This has the best user reception any wireless router has ever got let alone any wireless router under 100 USD. There are so many benefits of this wireless router that it fits almost every purpose be it for streaming, gaming, long range connectivity or even if security is your first priority.

As rare as they may be, there are a few noteworthy drawbacks of this wireless router as well when it comes to its functionality, otherwise its build has no match. First of all, though it is designed to stay connected for longer distances, the overall speed of the internet gets compromised when you push its connectivity limits of 2000 square feet and may experience delays. Secondly file transfer performance is not exceptional when it comes to large media files. Other than these trivial snags this is arguably one of the best wireless routers out there.

  • Dual Band
  • 2000 Square Feet wireless coverage
  • Up to 35 connected devices
  • USB 3.0 and USB 2.0
  • MU-MIMO and Alexa support
  • Good Parent Control Options
  • Easy to Setup
  • Speed varies at long range
  • File Transfer performance is not great
  • Premium anti-malware options need subscription

2. Google WiFi System


If Google is into something, you must understand how serious the product is going to be. With this wireless router Google has ensured your enjoyment by providing signals in every room and corner of your home with its 1500 square feet WiFi range and has given a new meaning to staying connected. Indeed, this is a wireless router which serves as a single WiFi point in your home or if you have got a bigger room just start increasing the device number and get extra 1500 square feet range every time. It is a standalone WiFi system that works as home mesh system and is compatible with any of WiFi device available at your home.

With dual bands and 1200 Mbps speed this might be one of the best WiFi routers for home under 100. Google WiFi system ensures same levels of speed no matter the distance between you and the device as long as you are in its coverage area and helps eliminate any of the dead zones.

Its Network Assist Technology is mainly responsible for delivery of a constant speed on every device of yours. It’s hard to imagine something from Google without an app and this wireless router does come with its own app that allows you to go through the menu and makes changes in seconds. You can set up guest networks, allow and see who is connected and pause WiFi on kids’ devices when you know it is their time to go to sleep.

There is a LAN and WAN port on the primary wireless router and if you have to add more points, these two ports primarily work as LAN ports on those WiFi points. It supports almost every frequency with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and presents itself as a good option if you are even looking to replace your older device which does not support these latest technologies. Lastly setup is a breeze once you have setup your google account and have got the app.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Most of the users who previously had issues with dead zones have overcome those issues with this device and most of the people who are in need of range extenders due to more than one floors at home have gone for this Google WiFi system while adding up the WiFi point as per need basis. This best wireless router for home under 100 has got all its control in its app and if you want more flexibility in tweaking the device or play with settings then it might not be possible because device itself has got no keys and has no web interface either and is totally dependent on the app itself.

Few of the noteworthy cons could be that you cannot limit traffic via app and are in for a steady speed for all of your devices which might be a concern for you if you want to prioritize tasks. Secondly, some users have experience an intermittent lag when your network is using a lot of bandwidth which again is not a deal breaker to be honest. If you could somehow overcome the fact that Google might be collecting data from you via this wireless router, which we are sure it will collect nonetheless, then it indeed is a great device that will solve your range and connectivity issues.

  • WiFi home mesh system
  • 1200 Mbps speed
  • Dual Channel
  • Great and consistent coverage
  • Increase coverage are on need basis
  • Easy setup
  • No option to throttle non-priority traffic
  • Sometimes may face a lag when using a lot of bandwidth

3. TP-Link AC1900 Smart WIRELESS Router Archer A9


One of the main reasons for including this WiFi router in our list of best wireless routers for home is its WAVE 2 AC WiFi functionality that delivers blazing speed of up to 1900 Mbps. That puts it among one of the fastest wireless routers no matter the price tag. The MU-MIMO not only provides ease for users and output signal variation but also allows you to get two inputs if you are a perfectionist and the thought of having one connection unsettles you. Its Airtime Fairness and QoS work along to provide best gaming experience where you cannot afford a lag of half a second. The new Airtime Fairness feature hampers older devices from slowing down your overall network.

It supports dual bands which has become a standard in any wireless router now a days. 2.4 GHz handles 600 Mbps and 5 GHz band provides around 1300 Mbps of speed. Its boosted WiFi coverage and Beamforming technology delivery highly efficient internet connection to the farthest corners of your home. Archer A9 goes beyond when it comes to security of your network with its Access Control WPA3 and VPN server. VPN server is one of the rare feature that only comes with some expensive wireless routers.

As for additional features, parental control and guest network are given. On top of these, the setup is as easy as using internet with its TP-Link tether app that sets up the router in first place and becomes your go to app for fixing any issue. Cherry on top is its 2-year warranty and 24/7 technical support if you ever get overwhelmed by its rich features and want some technical guidance.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There is no doubt in it being one of the best wireless routers for home and it has claimed one of the most coveted JD Power Award for highest customer satisfaction in 2017 and 2019. To be honest TP-Link seems on the way to replicate this success in 2020 as well. TP-Link has surely got some fan base particularly due to this wireless router alone and most of the positive reviews reflect the liking of users.

Wish we could skip the downfalls given how efficient this wireless router is but our reviewing ethics force us to give you the complete picture in every way. It lacks WDS bridging with more than one device and only connects to one booster at a time. If you have a wider network of connected router, then don’t make it your primary router as it will only connect to one other router. Secondly, sometimes it tends to change the manually selected preferential band. For example, if you have manually setup your device to be connected only with 5 GHz for more speed, you may find yourself connected to 2.4 GHz for no apparent reason and your band preference has to be setup again.

  • 1900 Mbps speed
  • 2000 square feet coverage
  • Beamforming
  • Parental Control
  • WPA3 Security
  • VPN Server
  • Supports only one WDS bridge
  • Changes preferences among dual bands
  • Some users have found its setup a bit tricky

4. NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wireless Router


This wireless router has made the cut into our list of best wireless routers for home because of its price and how conveniently it caters basic requirements of any user. With support up to 600 Mbps, this wireless router is effective for basic internet related requirements like browsing, streaming and downloading. It supports dual bands i.e. 2.4GHz and 5 GHz as well and intelligently switches between bands to minimize interference and give you disruption free experience. Each band delivers up to 300 Mbps of speed every time.

As its basic design and support are being discussed, there is another feature which may make or break the deal; its support capacity of only 5 devices. Of course you can connect more than 5 devices but then you have to compromise on its speed as well. Given the support limit of 5 devices it would be a good fit if you are buying this wireless router only for yourself and have no disturbance even in the shape of another human being asking for your WiFi password. For your devices which require a cable connection, it comes with 4 Ethernet ports to allow a maximum direct speed of 100 Mbps.

You can easily connect any external device to use as a common storage like any hard drive or a printer. Other significant features in this device are Broadband Usage meter, Parental Control, Internet applications blocking, application prioritization, creating guess network, automatic quality of service (QoS). With Broadband usage meter check your daily, weekly or monthly internet usage and parental control puts you in control of what your kids are going to watch. It’s convenient one touch On/Off button and Wireless button conserves energy when idle. When talking about convenience, its easy setup fits there as well. Overall it’s a budget friendly wireless router for home with more focus on fulfilling the need than making you dizzy with rich features.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Most of the reviews by users have been positive which again confirms our selection of this router in this list right. Though it officially confirms support for only 5 devices, most of the users have had no problem while connecting up to 10 devices and sharing the speed.

While most of the users have been happy with their purchase, there have been some who faced issues with this wireless router as well. Most of the issues stemmed from the firmware installed on it which needs a bit of tweaking before providing you the promised speed, though default settings are otherwise good to go. Lastly, remember this is one of the cheapest wireless routers that you can get so its performance and features should be adjudged accordingly.

  • 600 Mbps Speed
  • Supports Dual Band
  • 4 Ethernet ports
  • 1000 square feet range
  • Parental Control
  • Broadband Usage Meter
  • Budget Friendly
  • Firmware may cause issues on rare occasions
  • No Gigabit LAN
  • 5G band needs attention of the manufacturer

5. D-Link wireless Router AC1900


Whopping speed of 1900 Mbps makes this router on of the top contenders in best wireless routers under 100. Speed is divided on its dual bands with 2.4 GHz supporting 600 Mbps and 5 GHz supporting 1300 Mbps speed. That is the best speed you can get from any fast router under 100. The D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh technology enhances coverage area and delivers you signals in every corner of any large house without compromising signal strength or speed.

This wireless router is equipped with MU-MIMO technology and supports multiple users at a time and switches intelligently between its dual channels when the requirement demands so. The switching among its bands is so seamless that it would be hard to differentiate which band is providing what speed as it optimizes the band and speed for every device connected with it. This features allows less congestion on any single band with all the users assigned different bands. Moreover, its dual core processor boosts performance of the device itself and makes sure of its optimum performance every time.

You can easily create a profile for each individual and device that connects to your wireless router. After creating profile, you have all the master controls on setting speed limit and setting access timings for each individual and device. Among its rich features is its compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa that allows you to manage your network without getting out of your comfy seat. It supports Ethernet connectivity as well for older devices or any device which asks for cable input.

Although it has got an immense signal range or what we say coverage to it but if needed, the D-Link extenders are robust enough to keep you connected on your nearby grocery trips. Lastly, the set up is a piece of cake as well with its D-Link WiFi app and lets you manage everything from your cell phone.

Customer Reviews and Scores

This wireless router is not short of any feature that the costliest wireless routers have in their arsenal. It enjoys a positive feedback and rating from majority of its users, with very few exceptions.

Well, these exceptions have been mainly about on how it disconnects from internet automatically when you try to access admin tools and when you are done it has to be restarted. Secondly all of its ports are on the front end which may not be a pleasing look given its already bulky size. So it is not going to add any charm to your living room or wherever you decide to put it in terms of aesthetically fitting in. While setting up you have to make sure that a charging port is nearby as it has only 3 feet long charging cable.

  • Extended Coverage
  • 1900 Mbps Speed
  • Dual Band supported
  • Intelligent switching between bands
  • Advanced parental control features
  • Setting up is easy for any person
  • Firmware could have been more convenient
  • Bulky looking
  • Charging cable is only 3 feet long

6. NETGEAR WiFi Router (R6230) AC1200


NETGEAR AC1200 provides a total of 1200 Mbps speed which is divided on both of its bands. 2.4 GHz band supports 300 Mbps and 5 GHz band provides 900 Mbps. Both of these bands work simultaneously and intelligently switches between them when there are enough devices connected to any band to its choking limit. With this feature you will get the highest possible internet speed no matter with which band you are connected, though if judged separately 5 GHz provides more speed and 2.4 GHz is convenient in long ranges.

This wireless router is suitable for any normal household having not more than 20 connected devices at any moment. No matter the number of devices, its extreme speed ensures there is no buffering on your streaming videos and no lag in your games. 4 Ethernet ports on the back allow you to plug in computers, gaming consoles, streaming devices or any other device that has Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Its 880 MHz sheds some light on how it is loaded with advanced technologies and its 2 amplified antennas and advanced QoS (Quality of Service) cements the claim. Moreover, for other connectivity options for devices that do not have Ethernet ports it supports USB connection as well. Most of the devices to be connected with USB port are external storage devices or any printers you do not mind sharing.

As for additional features, it is loaded with WPA security protocols, Guest WiFi access, Built in Firewall, VPN and smart parental control. From its installation to parental and general controls its dedicated app on your smart phone makes things easy.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Positive ratings have been showered on this best wireless router under 100, mainly because of its efficiency in bigger homes where it easily covers about 1200 square feet area without any disruption in its signals. Secondly, most of the users adore this little beast as it has everything that you need right now or might need in future with its advanced features and design.

For the downsides, the main one is the bloated app which lets you configure only 2.4 GHz band and if you want to tweak 5 GHz then it will take you to a web interface, where you can configure 2.4 GHz. This exhausting routine kills the purpose of having the app for that purpose. Even to get app you need to register with NETGEAR which seems unnecessary give away of personal information.

  • 1200 Mbps speed
  • 1200 Square feet coverage
  • 4 Ethernet Ports
  • 1 USB port
  • Parental Control
  • Built in WPA2 Security
  • Firewall
  • App is bloated
  • Customer service could be improved

7. Linksys EA6350 Dual-Band WiFi Router


Linksys EA6350 is a perfect fit for any person who just wants to stay connected to internet and speed is not the main concern. This is one of the cheapest wireless router by far and falls in category of best wireless routers under 50. With 1000 square feet WiFi range it is good for any common household or one floor as any home above 1 floor may get speed dots occasionally. At a time, connectivity limit of up to 10 devices makes it again a good choice for small households. It has got dual bands and delivers maximum speed of 1200 Mbps overall while 2.4 GHz delivering 300 Mbps and 5 GHz is responsible of 867 Mbps.

Now do not let the lower price fool you about its performance as it will work smooth with any of your existing modems and just does enough to provide you every functionality you want from a wireless router. The 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports are destined to provide you good speed for direct connectivity. It’s one USB 3.0 port makes downloading and uploading of any file a simple process. Another additional feature which is usually not available in low priced wireless routers is the Beamforming functionality which rather than sending wireless signals to random or general directions, identifies a device at any specific location and targets wireless signals to that device. This functionality not only improves overall speed but also minimizes any turbulence from other wireless devices.

Additional features include Smart Wi Fi, that allows users to prioritize devices or websites, monitor network activity, gain parental control over inappropriate content, create select password protected guest networks, and turn Wi Fi access on or off. As for the setup process, any non-technical person can handle it with ease because of its Linksys app which takes you to the process of setting up one step at a time.

Customer Reviews and Scores

This wireless router under 100 $ has received overall positive reviews. Most of the users have had good experience with this device but again it is being used for small households and does the trick of streaming videos real fast. On the other hand, file transfer may take relatively a bit longer time when compared to big guns. Most of the people have been using this device as WiFi range extender as well because let’s face it, a good range extender costs more than this wireless router.

There are few little snags with this best budget wireless router for home too. Some users (a number which cannot be ignored) have had issues with its adapter and had to go for a newer one because it would drop voltage suddenly stopping the wireless router from functioning properly. Secondly, security is not the main talking point of this wireless router as well and is prone to cyber-attacks if someone really puts in the effort. Last worth mentioning flaw could be the absence of any wall hanging holes on this device that force you to make it a shelf device. Other than these flaws, you are in for a good experience without denting your bank account.

  • Dirt Cheap
  • Dual Band
  • 1200 Mbps speed
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • 1 USB 3.0
  • Parent Control
  • Easy Setup
  • Adapter has issues sometimes
  • Security is not hack-proof
  • No Wall Mounting options

8. ASUS RT-ACRH13 Dual-Band 2×2 AC1300


As most of our home devices are becoming bandwidth hungry and consume as much internet as you provide them, wireless routers are evolving with demand for extra features. This ASUS wireless router has some of those extra features that is the wet dream of any internet device. One of these features is its 2×2 MU-MIMO features that holds not boundaries when it comes to delivering optimum speed to your devices. Its dual bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz can deliver up to 1267 Mbps speed combined. If divided, 2.4 GHz delivers 400 Mbps and 5 GHz band is responsible for 867 Mbps. With this technology, more users can connect with the wireless router without budging the quality of the signals and speed of the internet.

It has four external 5dBi antennas that not only improves the multi device setups at home but also boost signals to every nook and cranny of your home. Though most of the devices today are 802.11ac compatible, but give them a second look before going all out for this router. ASUS smart connect delivers maximum speed to every device while intelligently switching between its bands depending upon the internet requirement of any particular device or how far the device is from the router.

With WPA2 and WPA Enterprise encryption you do not have to worry about someone hacking into your home WiFi and this encryption eliminates even the tiniest possibility of leaving your devices vulnerable to any outside attach. The integrated USB 3.0 port allows connection to any of your external drives or flash drives. Moreover, this wireless router is compatible with almost every Operating System as well while supporting even legacy systems like Windows 7. It comes with three built in modes that are Operation mode, Wireless router mode and Access Point mode. Sadly, you cannot use this device as some wireless signal extender but has to be used as your main wireless device. As for additional features, parental control and guest network are some of the features that will come handy in any household. Overall it surely deserves its place in best wireless routers for home.

Setup for this wireless router is a non-technical job as well with Easy, intuitive setup and network management and all the controls are at your fingertips with ASUSWRT and the ASUS Router App.

Customer Reviews and Scores

ASUS is one of the leading brands in terms of wireless routers and how the main focus has been on introducing latest functionalities in their routers and this wireless router is not shy of any advanced ASUS features. Being one of the best wireless routers in 2020, it has received amazingly positive reviews from majority of its users and the main praise has been heaped upon how it keeps your devices connected with provision of maximum speed.

As for the downfalls, it cannot be used as a range extender, which has been highlighted before. Secondly the app interface and the overall design of the wireless router may appear non intuitive at first and may be the case for long. Another downside could be the non-availability of Bandwidth Monitor and Traffic Analyzer features in this wireless router.

  • 1267 Mbps Speed
  • Dual Band
  • 2×2 MU-MIMO technology
  • Excellent signals range with four antennas
  • 1 USB 3.0 Port
  • Parental Control
  • Easy Setup
  • App interface is not intuitive
  • Cannot be used as range extender
  • No Bandwidth and Traffic Analyzer

9. NETGEAR (R6700) Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router


We could not resist adding another NETGEAR wireless router in our list of best wireless routers for home and that is due to NETGEAR’s focus on providing budget friendly wireless routers focused on home usage. NETGEAR R6700 provides speed of 1750 Mbps and is meant for HD streaming and online gaming where internet speed matters the most. Download or upload any file in the blink of eye or binge watch any series without losing video quality. It has got dual band to it with 2.4 GHz providing 450 Mbps and rest 1350 Mbps being provided by 5 GHz. The provision of intelligently switching dual bands is a treat when connected to home devices and reduces any sort of distortion from any device.

It has generous connectivity slots of around 25 devices for optimum speed, albeit there have been instances of more than 40 devices being connected to the device without noticing any drop in speed. You will get a coverage of up to 1500 square feet with this router making it a close competitor to the leading NETGEAR wireless routers. With that much coverage it claims to be one of the best wireless routers for large homes. For more connectivity options it comes with Ethernet ports to plug in game consoles, streaming devices or any nearby devices which demand an Ethernet connection. On top of this, it has got a USB 3.0 port as well for storage devices and printers.

NETGEAR has loaded this budget wireless router with some advanced features like 1 GHz dual core processor, amplified antennas to boost signals range, Beamforming plus, Smart connect, Dynamic QoS and many more. It has got one of the best parental controls as well. With parental control you can pause any device’s internet access, view site history usage or filter websites without paying any subscription. However, to set online time limits or slots and schedule internet access you have to spit out few extra dollars for monthly subscription. Unless you have most mischievous of kids, we suggest you to go with the free plan until there is an absolute need to go for the subscription related features.

When it comes to security of your home WiFi, no one comes close to the protection that NETGEAR Armor provides. It protects your network and all of your connected devices from internet threats and you can further enhance your security by going for a paid plan which gives anti-virus, anti-malware and data protection to all of the connected devices. For access protection, it supports WPA2 security protocols and has built in Firewall and VPN to ensure fool proof security.

As for the installation and setup, NETGEAR app makes it in a snap to configure everything. Just connect internet cable to your wireless router and app will walk you through every setting. Connect your devices for once and you are done.

Customer Reviews and Scores

NETGEAR has a name to stand up to and it has never disappointed with any of its best wireless routers for home no matter the price tag though this wireless router falls under best wireless routers for home and under $100. In the case of R6700, it has again hit the home run with positive reviews and ratings. Few of the most pleasing aspects and features of this wireless router has been its signal strength at distance and maximum speed to blur the difference between online and offline gaming.

As for the negatives in this best wireless router for home, it seems like almost every catchy feature of NETGEAR wireless routers has some monthly subscription attached to it which is certainly not a good thing. Though in NETGEAR’s defense, these monthly subscriptions literally take your mind off of managing anything about your wireless router if you do not want to get involved with any of its settings. Secondly, most of the wireless routers provide bandwidth allocation feature to certain devices for free, which again is not the case with this NETGEAR router as it is conditional to monthly subscription. The last drawback in this budget wireless would be their insistence to register any NETGEAR wireless router with the manufacturer itself under your name. This process may help in case your wireless router gets stolen but again when did we last hear about wireless router robbers?

  • 1750 Mbps Speed
  • Dual Band
  • Beamforming plus
  • 1500 Square feet coverage
  • Smart Parental Control
  • Built in Firewall and VPN
  • Ethernet and USB Ports
  • Most of the features are attached to monthly subscription
  • Some connectivity issues with older devices
  • Device demands registration before use

10. RAVPower File Hub Travel Router AC750


Last in our list of best wireless routers for home is a wireless router that can be considered one of the best wireless routers for travel, because you are not going to sit at home all the time. Have your personal WiFi router on the go and set it up wherever you want. Though it is in the list of best home wireless routers it is one of the best wireless routers for traveling. It not only provides functionality of a tradition wireless router by connecting to a DSL or cable modem but also does bridging when connected to any WiFi it propagates internet to other devices. Instantly turn on a private network by connecting to any internet source. The main disadvantage here might be that while bridging the devices connected will only get half the speed of what this router would be getting from the original source.

When we talk about best wireless router under 100, this portable wireless router is ideal for traveling purpose and does fall under you budget. It has dual band functionality with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, with each providing speed of 300 Mbps and 433 Mbps respectively. Keeping in view its portability it comes with a USB-C port for charging and its battery life will make your traveling easy with anywhere between 10-14 hours. Additional to it being a wireless router it can serve as file hub among many of your devices, though it can support 5 devices at a time. You can connect SD Cards, SSD devices and portable hard drives with it to not only stream videos and watch photos etc. but also transfer files among those connected devices, giving you your personal cloud in a matter of seconds.

This portable wireless router is surely loaded with features that are not available even in most expensive wireless routers. For instance, you can upload instant pictures from your phone to any of your connected drives, but for that you phone must be within 32 feet of this device. With this feature you can make backup of whatever you are shooting with your camera at any moment.

Overall this wireless router under 100 dollars will come handy if you are a traveler but is not great for any permanent home use as most of the features which are considered essential for home use like, parent control, guess network or even a decent coverage range are not available in this device at the cost of its portable design. As for the setup, the initial setup with any wired cable or WiFi is a breeze but other functionality might take some time getting used to.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Most of the users have lauded its file sharing and backup features which to be honest come handy while your phone camera is in action and you do not want to lose pictures at any cost. Secondly most of the travelers find themselves with in internet modem cable without a wireless router to work and you could be an instant hit with this wireless router in your backpack. Moreover, it’s easy to use app has been a hit among users as well.

As for the drawbacks in this best wireless router for home, some are just too hard to ignore like lack of settings which are required for any home wireless router as mentioned earlier. Secondly it does not support Mac devices so look elsewhere if you are going to use that one particularly. Lastly, app needs some attention from the manufacturer as there are trivial flaws which can easily be removed like app is only in landscape mode so you need to turn your phone every time you need to use the app and it does not correctly show the remaining battery life which can become a problem while traveling. Overall this wireless router has some ultra-feasible features found in no device at all and does lack some simple features found on any home wireless router.

  • Dual band with 750 Mbps speed
  • Portable wireless router
  • Connect to any internet cable or WiFi
  • Works as file hub among devices
  • Connects 5 devices at a time
  • 10-14 hours’ battery life
  • App is not very user friendly
  • Has issues with Mac and iOS
  • Lacks Parent Control etc.

Final Verdict

Well, our list of best wireless routers for home has ended and hopefully by now you might have selected your wireless router. And if you have not made your decision yet, prioritize the uses of wireless router than you intend to take out of it. If internet speed is the priority, then we suggest you to go for a wireless router that has strong 5 GHz band as it provides relatively fast internet than 2.4 GHz. If your concern is about your home devices losing connection, then go for a wireless router than intelligently switches between dual bands to suppress any disruptions coming from any device while keeping the connection to that device stable.

Above reviewed best wireless routers for home have their pros and cons attached to them and you are never going to find any router without any flaw so work on what are the features you want at any cost and what you can let go. By doing this, you will find a good fit for your requirements. Oh, and lastly, if you are looking for wireless router because your old wireless router has stopped working, then try the universal method on it before making your final decision; Restart it.

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