10 Best Soundbars under 100 IN 2020

You might have spent way too much on your TV, or like any sensible person do not want to break your bank for a luxury item like Soundbar. While your TV should provide enough sound to enjoy your music, movies or games, most TVs don’t have an oomph in their sound quality because focus of most companies has been on picture quality than improving the sound quality. Soundbars come in handy in situations where your TV is just not doing enough. This list of best soundbars under 100 in 2020 is just for that purpose, where you want a quality experience watching your TV without spending too much.

We have done all the legwork in finding the best soundbars under 100 in 2020 that would do just enough to give you a cinematic experience without making you feel guilty of spending too much on the soundbar.

Here goes our list.

1. BESTISAN TV Sound Bar

First in our list of best soundbars under 100 is the BESTISAN TV soundbar. The first thing that you would notice about BESTISAN sound bar is its sleek and curved look which adds to the aesthetics of your room when placed on TV shelf. It has a combination of exclusive bass enhanced technology and dual patented curved bass ports which gives a whole new meaning to low ends and provides you immense depth without compromising on its incredible clarity and intensity of sound. Its charm just does not end on low ends but gives boost to high ends with less harmonic distortion by providing clarity and boom. It gives rich sound and deep bass with its 3 inches’ full range drivers and dual bass ports.

This soundbar has customizeable sound setting as well where you can adjust its treble and bass to match your sound requirements. It packs audio memory settings as well which gives you freedom to mess up your settings and go back to factory settings by pressing a single reset key. On top of that, best soundbar under 100 has three different equalizer modes as well to choose from depending upon the content you are playing. You can fine tune your soundbar by selecting movie, music or dialogue mode via its remote control.

With its wireless functionality, you can play music from any of your mobile devices by connecting it via Bluetooth. Bluetooth has good range that covers a normal area of house without losing contact with any device.

Its Digital Signal Processor (DSP) intelligently handles coming in audio to provide sound boost where required and add extra depth when situation demands for that. In most of best soundbars under 100 dollars this feature is very rare due to extra processor addition.

For connectivity, it has multiple options from wired to wireless connection, namely, Bluetooth 5. 0 or standard audio cable Connection, RCA, and optical input. It has dual placement orientation so you may place it on TV shelf or mount it on your wall without doing any harm to its sound quality.

Customer Reviews and Scores

In total, 1043 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.3 on amazon which is quite good. Though this soundbar falls under one of the best soundbar under $100, it has some features like sound equalizer and modes settings which you usually find in high priced soundbars.

As for the users, it has been a great addition in the living room and goes really well with the TV, except with LG TV, where it may have some connectivity issues due to no fault of its own.

As is the case with everything this soundbar has its share of shortcomings as well. It does not have any screen or digital volume indicator and does not show volume level even on TV screen so you may not know the volume level that suits you by digits but would have to feel it to know it. Secondly, it has high volume which is divided on very few volume numbers, which means that from mute to volume level one sound would be pretty loud. High sound level is good unless you are watching movies at night and do not want to disturb others . Other than these not so major shortcomings, Bestisan Soundbar is great overall. It is surely one of the best soundbars under 100.

  • Built-in Sub woofers
  • Treble and Bass control from Remote
  • Three Sound Modes
  • Factory Reset option
  • Dual placement Orientation
  • Issues with LG TV
  • No volume indicator

2. Wohome 2.1 channel soundbar S11

Best Soundbars under 100

Wohome S11 sound bar is designed with DSP technology that brings crystal clear audio to enhance your home theater system. It supports four equalizer modes which you can easily select from the remote depending upon the playing content. Other than its default mode, it has movie, music and news mode which provide different levels of sound and bass. For example, movie mode will produce surround sound, music mode will bring out powerful deep bass and news mode will focus more on dialogue clarity to bring out every word.

Other than built in modes, you can adjust and customize treble or bass as per your liking as well. Its amazing treble and bass is supported by its 80W, 2×3 inch subwoofers that provide deep bass and 4 drivers which produce 105dB room filling sound. Even on the highest volume it provides crystal clear sound with less than 1 % distortion.

With an overall size of 38 inches, it is ideal for bigger LEDs and is not dwarfed by the size of TV. Other than its ideal place in front of TV due to its low height you can mount it on the wall as well via its already packed wall mounting kit.

For connectivity in this one of the best soundbars under 100, it supports AUX, USB, Coaxial and optical outputs, though only AUX and Optical cable are provided with the soundbar. For wireless connectivity, it has latest 5.0 Bluetooth which lets you not only connect to mobile devices but also with Amazon Echo. Bluetooth has a good range of 30 feet, which is quite good in this category of best soundbars under 100.

Though it proudly carries DSP technology, this soundbar is just shy of Dolby and DTS, which you have to ultimately disable from your playing media.

Customer Reviews and Scores

On amazon, 540 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.4 which is great. It is latest model of Wohome and we expect more showers of good ratings on it with time. Its different loud sound, deep bass, modes to suit the occasion and very much durable design are few of its prominent features complimented by almost every user.

On the down side it has few features which might be a nuisance for some people. The auto turn off feature comes into play after a period of inactivity and the soundbar has to be turned on again manually. Though this features may save you some electricity but you do not have any option to disable it. Secondly, though it comes with its optical cable, it is too short to be connected with TV properly when soundbar is placed on the shelf, forget about connecting with TV when you have wall mounted the soundbar. These few letdowns could certainly not be the deal breaker because you cannot expect them from most of these soundbars under $100. Overall a great soundbar and you would definitely appreciate the support quality of Wohome as well.

  • Built in Sub woofers
  • Four Sound Modes
  • 5.0 Bluetooth
  • Dual placement Orientation
  • Great Support
  • No Universal Remote
  • Auto Turn off

3. VIZIO SB3220n-F6 32″ 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

Well you might find more of Vizio Soundbars in this list, as company has been more focused on manufacturing quality soundbars within affordable price. VIZIO SB3220n-F6 is 32” long soundbar which would be a great addition to any 35+”TV without appearing too big or being dwarfed. This soundbar focuses more on audio clarity than any other feature due to patented sound technologies of Vizio. No matter what affordable sound bar you are having at the moment, this Vizio soundbar would be an upgrade and would be a great soundbar under $100.

It provides premium audio with performance that delivers up to 97dB of room filling sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion. It possesses DTS TruSurround technology which creates a virtual sound environment for you to feel sound coming in from all directions. DTS TruVolume on the other hand lets you enjoy the show by providing consistent and comfortable volume level. You just have to set the volume once and it will intelligently handle the high and lows with output of smooth sound that is not hard to hear nor too loud on ears. Its Dolby Audio will enhance your experience with clear, strong and rich sound and with this feature it stands out in best soundbars under 100.

For connectivity it has coaxial RCA cable, Analog Cable, AUX and Optical cable which could be used for TV connectivity and for connectivity with wireless devices it does have Bluetooth. It can be placed on the shelf or be wall mounted which is preferred if there is too much difference between the size of TV and the soundbar or you do not want any cable fuss over the TV shelf.

Customer Reviews and Scores

In total, 4277 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.2 on amazon which is quite good. This rating is almost unanimous when it comes to its other siblings of Vizio. These high ratings reflect confidence of buyers in Vizio itself and its soundbars as none of its products fail to amaze us. Seems like Vizio never has a bad day at work. On the down side it is a soundbar for a music lover because of almost nonexistent bass, though audio quality is great for movies and dialogue centric media.

So if you are looking to purchase a soundbar for music and bass, we would advise against that as you would be disappointed and to expect bass from a soundbar without a standalone sub woofer is naive. That being said, this soundbar is still great for movies and dialogues as long as your expectations are right.

  • Great Vizio Technologies
  • All connectivity options (Except HDMI)
  • Dual placement Orientation
  • No bass
  • Universal Remote not supported

4. TaoTronics Soundbar

Best Soundbars under 100

TaoTronics has been providing home and business solutions for a long time and this soundbar depicts their journey from Home LED Lights to this stage. Soundbar is no doubt their flag bearer in this sound gear category. TaoTronics wouldn’t have been in this list of best soundbars under 100 if it had not amazed us so much with its room-filling sound. Its powerful speakers deliver a round, high end cinematic experience and three different sound modes let you customize your experience. Its three different equalizer modes include game mode, music mode and movie mode with clear distinction between them. Every mode delivers perfect sound and sets you in the environment to lose track of time.

It is no hassle to connect your TV with the soundbar due to different connectivity options that are supported, namely, 3.5mm to RCA, Analog and Optical input. On top of wired connectivity, it gives you Bluetooth connectivity option with its 4.2 bluetooth.

It has some extra features in remote as it not only performs regular functions like raising or lowering sound but also switches through different functions by double clicking the power button while LED screen shows you the current function.

Its sleek and eye catching design will force you to place it in front of your TV, but you can always wall mount it with its already packed wall mounting kit.

Customer Reviews and Scores

On amazon, 1508 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.2 which is quite good when you are competing with giants like Vizio, TCL Alto and Samsung. Users have been all praise for its surround sound and it may not be perfect but is one of the best deals in soundbars under $100.

Few of the users had issues with this soundbar, not when it is playing but when it is not. The main issue highlighted very often was the high pitched sound it makes when power off. This high pitched sound goes away as soon as you turn it on or plug it off instead of powering it off. Otherwise this soundbar has been great and almost, just almost checked every box. We only recommend this soundbar if you are not going to sleep while watching TV, because otherwise you’ll have to get up to pull the plug.

  • Three Sound Modes
  • Great Functioning Remote
  • All connectivity Options
  • Dual Placement Orientation
  • Quality Support
  • Bluetooth could be better
  • High Pitched sound when powered off

5. TOPVISION Soundbar SD01

Best Soundbars under 100

Topvision soundbar promises deep bass with its 39” length and its 2.0 channel 60 Watt four cone speakers make sure of keeping the promise. It has speakers with really large magnets to deliver booming sound with crystal-clear audio quality. Now, whenever a soundbar is tipped as a powerful soundbar with huge volume, perception is that the sound will get distorted or muffled on high ends, which definitely is not the case in this soundbar as it truly delivers crystal clear sound with less than 1% of total harmonic distortion.

It has unique design compared to its peers because it has three placement modes due to its splitting up feature. Soundbar is made up of two parts, each carrying same speaker. The soundbar splits in two parts without any cable hanging between them. Now you can place these parts on either side of your TV, place it in one piece in front of TV or wall mount it to save clutter.

For connectivity with TV, it supports 3.5mm, Optical, Coaxial, and RCA AUX. Availability of all these options makes sure that you can connect it with your TV, no matter the TV or Brand. It has 5.0 Bluetooth functioning as well for Mobile devices. For controlling options, it comes with its own remote and does not support a universal remote.

One of the major impact on the decision making while buying this soundbar is the life time support and 24 months’ warranty, which you get instantly.

Customers Reviews and Scores

In total, 424 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.1. which is good if not great, because for great ratings, you have to spend greatly and this soundbar under $100 just does enough to keep you entertained.

Users have showered their praise and admiration over its sleek and unique design and how it completes their living room. Though its great but sometimes it is a little bit tricky to use. It automatically shuts off when idle and has to be rebooted every time you want to play something. So you either keep some media playing or watch it go to sleep peacefully. One other minor flaw which hinders the perfect user experience is that it does not keep the preferred input in memory. Every time you turn on the TV, you have to go through hassle of selecting the input with its not so user convenient remote.

  • <1% Harmonic Distortion
  • All Connectivity Options
  • Three-way placement orientation
  • Great support
  • Automatically turns off while idle
  • Remote could be better

6. TCL Alto 5 2.0 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar

Time to bring out the big guns. TCL has been one of the leaders in soundbars and this soundbar is a worthy inclusion in this list of best soundbars under 100. Regardless of the content that you are playing, TCL Alto 5 will amaze you with its distortion free sound. With its dedicated components for left and right speakers, coupled with fine-tuning by TCL’s latest technologies, the dedicated deep bass ports will make sure you able to hear every detail with crisp clarity. This soundbar is plug and play and would not take any time in shaking the floor beneath you.

For connectivity it may lack certain features but does fulfill the purpose by connecting to your TV using an optical or audio cable (AUX /3. 5mm) which come with the soundbar. TCL Alto 5 comes with an IR pass-through cable and allows you to access your TV from TV remote, irrespective of sound bar placement.

For convenience it provides three different sound modes that deliver optimized sound of music, movies and news. Its placement is as convenient as its sound modes as you can either place it under your TV or wall mount it with its mounting kit.

For wireless connectivity it plays music from any mobile device through Bluetooth connectivity.

Customer Reviews and Scores

On Amazon, 1110 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.2 which clearly shows the trust users have put into this soundbar. This soundbar surely adds charm to your living room by providing you a cinematic experience. Though it does not produce surround sound, its different sound modes do the trick by playing to your own mood.

However, few flaws do creep up when you go in detail. One of the flaws is the absence of HDMI and ARC connectivity which of course is available in higher models of the this soundbar. Before you make your decision, please know that you cannot adjust or customize treble and bass through any mean and only way to mix those up is by selecting different sound modes. May be the last noteworthy flaw in this otherwise great soundbar is that volume bar does not show anywhere on the screen or soundbar so you will remain completely oblivious of the volume level that suits you and have to feel to know it.

  • Distortion Free
  • Deep Bass
  • Three Sound Modes
  • Dual Orientation Placement
  • Not all connectivity options
  • Does not allow any sound customization

7. RIF6 Sound Bar

RIF6 soundbar has made the cut in our list of best soundbars under 100 due to its amazing features, though it is relatively new in the soundbars category. You won’t feel the need to shell out more for expensive soundbars just for having surround sound and booming bass. This soundbar possesses electric stereo speaker and 2 built-in subwoofers to give you room-shaking powerful bass that is as deep as 72dB.

For easy and instant access, it comes with four built in sound modes. You can set it between Movies, Music, News or 3D surround sound mode to hear and feel every instrument, dialogue, clutch release, and every detail with clear and ear-pleasing loudness.

RIF6 soundbar is completed with integrated inputs to bring all media to life with even greater and amplified audio. You can easily connect it to your TV with wired options like RCA, AUX, USB, coaxial and optical input. For wireless connectivity it carries 5.0 Bluetooth that has convenient range of up to 33 feet which allows you to roam around while playing music from your phone.

As for design and look, it has a sleek and slim 35.43 x 3.07 x 2.75 inches form factor that delivers impressive sound quality regardless of its placement, though, ideally you can place it on shelf where it causes no obstruction in your TV view due to low height, or you can wall mount it to have more of a home theater setup.

It ships with a remote and the main addition in remote control experience is the customize adjustment of treble and bass on top of its four sound modes. You can easily switch between input modes by remote as well. One of the main flaw in almost every other best soundbars under 100 has been addressed here as this soundbar shows volume level on screen.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Overall 241 reviewers have given it a score of 4.3 which is not great to be honest but not bad either. As this soundbar is relatively new and up against some big guns, we expect it to take some time before emerging as a strong contender. User experience has been really pleasing with this soundbar which is no doubt a compliment to the research put into this soundbar and it strengthens our belief that it will surely stand tall among soundbars.

If you are thinking that this soundbar would not provide much bass due to absence of a stand-alone subwoofers, then get ready to be surprised by its two built in subwoofers.

Yeah well we are down to the bad part again. Duh. Well if you mull us over for the flaws we may muster up one or two, like you would not be able to connect it to Samsung Smart TV via any wired option but will only connect via Bluetooth. One not so major or even minor flaw is the too bright LED light on it which will partially illuminate your room at night. Though you can disable that light but it will come back on when you turn on the soundbar. Pull out the black tape then.

  • Great Bass
  • Four Sound Modes
  • All connectivity Options
  • Dual placement Orientation
  • Annoying LED lights
  • Remote could be better

8.VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

The all-new VIZIO 29″ 2.0 Sound Bar is capable of offering amazing audio with its compact size and budget friendly price tag. Though it is considered a very low budget soundbar but it sure can compete with any functionality of costly ones. No matter the size of your TV, this soundbar will be an aesthetic addition to your TV rack.

It comes with bluetooth to pair with your TV or your mobile device to use it as stereo speaker. Though it does not fall under the category of Smart Soundbars but its easy setup and ready to play features will not bother you in any way while setting it up for the first time as you have to just power it up and connect via optical cable or bluetooth to have it ready for your next command.

VIZIO SB2920 comes with 2.0 soundbar which encompasses two stereo speakers to give you high quality sound. Streamlined Design VIZIO Sound Bars are crafted to accentuate your TV with a minimalist body style that blends in with any room of your home. VIZIO Sound Bars have DTS audio technologies which are capable of delivering elevated multi-channel audio for the most immersive sound quality. With the inclusion of DTS in this soundbar you will get a virtual surround sound solution that will provide a realistic surround environment. Though, soundbars with more than 4 channels are better at providing surround sound, this VIZIO soundbar, with its DTS TruVolume is a revolutionary solution that provides a consistent and comfortable volume level for a more enjoyable multimedia experience. You just have to set the volume once and let VIZIO intelligently handle it to make you experience cinematic.

VIZIO SB2920 Soundbar is considered best in class among its peers to provide amazing audio performance that delivers up to 95 dB of room filling, crystal clear sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion.

It obeys remote control commands to give you more freedom to rest and enjoy without worrying about getting up every time you need to change something on your soundbar.

The sound bar has an energy saving feature too that will put the sound bar into stand by after a period of inactivity. This can be disabled if you need it active every time.

Customer Reviews and Scores

A total of 4244 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.2 which is above average we believe if you compare this soundbar to the costlier ones. Users have been in love with its sound quality and how aesthetically pleasing it looks with TV. It comes with connecting cables too which serve the purpose while connecting with TV.

One of the main and we believe very serious down side of this soundbar is the absence of bass. This soundbar is not meant for bass because it does not have any sub woofer to produce bass. If you are looking forward to watching movies or dialogue-centric entertainment, then this soundbar will surely work for you. But for those of your who are music enthusiasts and cannot ignore absence of bass, we recommend you to go through our list of best soundbars under 100 with sub woofers. On the other hand, this soundbar might be the cheapest one in this category, so you cannot expect every feature from it.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Remote Controlled
  • 2 Stereo Speakers
  • Easy to Setup
  • No subwoofers
  • No bass

9. VMAI Sound Bar

We hope you were not expecting this list to be complete without mentioning VMAI in best soundbar under 100 dollars. VMAI has been a major soundbar player regardless of the price range. You can find a VMAI cheapest soundbar and a very high priced soundbar competing with the likes of Samsung and Yamaha. This VMAI soundbar is oozing to give you a home theater experience with its two 6” mid-range drivers, 1 tweeter and an exclusive power bass technology that provide 110dB of clear sound. One feature that will set it apart from other best soundbars is its symmetrical bass reflex ports which distribute equal bass on either side. You are in for a unique experience with this soundbar.

For connectivity it takes leverage of HDMI ARC, AUX input, Optical, and USB and is compatible with TV, Computer, projector, Blue-Ray player, tablet, PS4, XBOX and Amplifier. For wireless connectivity it has bluetooth 5.0 & DSP technology to ensure the fastest transmission speeds while keeping and stable connectivity up to 50 ft.

It becomes more convenient with its four sound modes of music, movie, news and 3D mode which could be adjusted via its remote. When we talk about convenience then it should be noted that this soundbar offers dual orientation placement as well. Though its ultra slim design will fit perfectly on shelf just under your TV, you can wall mount it too.

Like all these features weren’t enough, VMAI also offers a lifetime support warranty for this soundbar as well.

Customer Reviews and Scores

In total, 692 reviewers have given it a score of 4.1 which we believe is fairly good if not great. Its sweet matte black sleek design adds charm to your TV rack and the home-theater experience will make sure you forget all the problems of the day.

Other than its sleek design, addition of two subwoofers inside the soundbar had lasting impact on users. It’s very convenient range of bluetooth has been a certain hit with users as most of the soundbars under $100 only provide connectivity range of 30-40 feet compared to its range of 50 feet.

Few minor design flaw could be its uneven surface at times when its starts vibrating while producing deep bass. But luckily this flaw is easily resolved by wall mounting it.

  • 2 Subwoofers
  • 4 Sound Modes
  • All connectivity Options
  • Dual Orientation Placement
  • Vibrates on deep bass
  • Remote could be more user friendly
  • Support is not user friendly

10. VIZIO SB3820-C6 Soundbar

Vizio SB3820-C6 is suitable for large sized TV where any other soundbar will look like a dwarf. It is a 38 inches long soundbar that completes your home theatre. With this soundbar you are in for some loud sounds and also some neighborhood issues. Normally in soundbars voice may seem muffled but that is not the case with this soundbar. You will get maximum sound without any interference.

This one of the best soundbars under 100 comes with a two speaker stereo which divides sound equally and does provide some bass which is minimal due to absence of any subwoofer. In this price range you would expect a soundbar with subwoofer to have some deep bass at your mercy but it seems like Vizio is not that much concerned about this when you look at its huge user base.

For connectivity, you can use optical cable, which you might have to buy separately in some case, to connect with your TV. For wireless connectivity, its built in Bluetooth lets you lose the wires and listen to your music with a tap of a finger.

As is the case with every Vizio Soundbar, this VIZIO soundbar also has DTS audio technology which is capable of delivering elevated multi-channel audio for the most immersive sound quality. With the inclusion of DTS in this soundbar you will get a virtual surround sound solution that will provide a realistic surround environment.

It has dual placement orientation as well which makes it easy to be placed on shelf or be wall mounted, though due to its noticeable height of 5 inches, we recommend wall mounting so it may not block any lower part of your TV.

For controlling options, it comes with its all black remote control and power, volume buttons are on the soundbar as well.

Customer Reviews and Scores

In total 1907 reviewers have given it a score of 4.4 on amazon. This soundbar has mostly been purchase to complement big sized TVs. This soundbar has made the same impact on users as rest of the Vizio family soundbars. One of the most noticeable improvements from other Vizio soundbars have been the huge volume it can produce from its two stereo speakers. It does provide bass with its built in subwoofer but of course not as much as any standalone subwoofer.

This soundbar will handle the clarity in the highs like no other soundbar in its price bracket and will fill the room like any high priced soundbar. It even has an RCA subwoofer out, so if you are already having a subwoofer you can easily connect with this soundbar to have more floor thumping experience.

Vizio has certainly not focused on ease of use while finalizing details of this soundbar as it takes few minutes to figure out its incoming media as to from which cable or port it is coming and repeat the whole process if you by mistake turn of Bluetooth for once. Secondly it has an all-black remote control with no color differences in keys or any inside light out which makes very hard for the user to operate it in the dark even if you have memorized its keys.

Other than few, not so major shortfalls, this is surely one of the best soundbar under $100.

  • All connectivity options
  • DTS Surround sound
  • Dual placement Orientation
  • Budget friendly
  • Not user friendly at first
  • Bass is not great

Final Verdict

We have tried our best to sort the best soundbars under 100 USD and to help you in your decision. Though all of the reviewed soundbars deserve their place in this list of best soundbars under $100, we suggest you to look for features in soundbar that are essential for you and cannot be compromised any way. If you are bass enthusiast, then go for the soundbar with subwoofer and if you are more into movies then opt for a soundbar that focuses more on the sound clarity than rumbling your floor with deep bass.

To make it more convenient, here is the buying guide on how to buy a soundbar and what should be checked in soundbar before making your final decision.

Soundbar Buying Guide

It is understandable if you are looking for best soundbars under 100 to give you quality audio from what you watch on TV or your mobile phone and your concern about what should you look for in a soundbar to decide which one suits you the best. We have done this leg work to save you from this trouble and have derived a list of factors that may affect your final decision one way or another. Here are the factors that you should look for and decide on their necessity level that you absolutely want or can compromise.


Subwoofer is what delivers you the thundering experience by producing deep bass. It is incredibly important aspect of a soundbar especially if you are buying soundbar for Music, Movies and Games as subwoofer will make you experience the full force of any effect.

Subwoofer itself just extends the sound and produce richer audio effects to give you more dimensional sound. If you want to experience a home theater experience, we recommend you to not skip on the subwoofer while deciding on any of the best soundbars under 100.


Today’s best soundbars under 100 provide a wide range of connectivity options from HDMI, AUX, Optical to ARC connectivity, but you have to consider the connectivity option depending upon the output options of your TV to which soundbar would be connected. It would be no short of a disaster if you end up buying a soundbar that wouldn’t connect to your TV because of port issues or unavailability.

Moreover, most of the soundbars today have Bluetooth functionality as well to avoid cabling or keep cabling for the TV and connect mobile devices via Bluetooth. If you like to roam around while playing music from your phone, then do consider the maximum Bluetooth range as Bluetooth connection tends to be unstable in long ranges.

Smart Soundbar

A smart soundbar comes with a mini processor built inside that intelligently handles the contents of playing media and distributes you sound that does not fluctuate. You do not have to get freaked out because of an instant high volume advertisement while watching a horror movie as smart soundbar will limit the sound coming out of the soundbar to a pleasant level.

A smart soundbar will enhance or suppress audio where required to make you hear every whisper like dialogue and protect you from mini heart attacks from sudden volume surges and most of the best soundbars under 100 share this quality.

Sound Channels

As for some options above, you might see a number such as 2.0, 5.1, etc. in most of best soundbars under 100. These numbers are there to inform you of how many channels and subwoofer a soundbar has. The first number (before the decimal) is the number of channels, and the number after the decimal is how many subwoofers you get. If the number is 0, then sorry, you don’t get the deep bass we all want.

The more channels the soundbar has, the better the sound. When you get up to 5, it will mimic surround sound speakers. Aim for ones with at least 3 channels (left right and center). If you go for ones with two channels, they might just equate to a mini stereo.

Remote Control

Just to make your life easier, look for one with a remote or even a compatible app. This is to allow you access to the soundbar and put in your settings easily without having to get up off your chair. Most of best soundbars under 100 come with a front display panel. Look for one that does have this and it is labeled clearly.


Consider the placement of your soundbar. Are you putting it on the table? Laying it on your entertainment unit close to your TV, or mounting it on the wall? Some packages come with wall mounts or a mounting stand.

In some cases, you may need to purchase this in addition to the best soundbars under 100 on amazon in this list. The size comes into play as well. How big of a soundbar do you want? Should it exceed the size of your TV? Make sure the measurements align with the location.


This section isn’t so much related to the product, it’s more about your consumer protection. If a manufacturer offers warranties and guarantees, it not only gives you peace of mind, it shows that their product is at least of a good enough quality for them to stand behind.

Other than some time wasted and a feeling of disappointment, you don’t lose much if you purchase from these brands. Look for warranties of at least 1 year and at least a 1-month money-back guarantee to be safe. Going with more reputable brands might not always be foolproof, but at least it greatly minimizes the risk.

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