Best PC Gaming Chairs under 200

Pleasure comes with a price. With true pleasure, you pay the price before and in false pleasure, you pay the price after. Gaming is all fun and pleasure until you start feeling back and neck pains which linger on if left untreated. Let gaming be a true please where you pay upfront to avoid the regret afterwards. A PC gaming chair solves your back and neck pain issues and are a worthy upfront investment for any gamer.

Now, you do not have to break your bank to have one of those flashy chairs, but focus should be on value for money and how comfortable it is rather than what brand name is written on its headrest. We have searched high and low to find you 10 best PC gaming chairs under 200, that would provide you comfort during your marathon gaming sessions and would not make you feel guilty of spending too much.

Here goes our list of 10 best PC gaming chairs under 200,

1. Homall PC Gaming Chair

best PC gaming chairs under 200

This Homall Gaming Chair extends high enough to reach full length of the back with support 
for the shoulders, head, and neck. The density shaping foam provides the seating more cushioning, elasticity, resilience and comfort. It is completely covered in PU leather that makes it breathable to let the sweat dry and is easy to clean as well. The freely adjustable lumbar support could be adjusted wherever you want. The headrest is cushioned as well and the material it is made of does not make your neck sweaty as could be the case for cheaply build gaming chairs.

The 360-degrees swivel and multi-direction wheels are made of rubber and are quiter than plastic wheels. Overall chair supports maximum weight of 300 lbs. and casters play main role in this achievement. There is Class-3 gas lift integrated which is verified by SGS and is as durable and reliable as the chair itself. With support from the gas lift, chair moves up and down by just touching the lever with highly sensitive lever to save your strength for the game.

The seat can be adjusted as well and has a maximum adjustment of 4 inches which is quite good and gives much needed movement to your knee joints. For even more comfort, you can avail its recline feature that lets you recline its back to 180 degrees flat and provides locking option at any angle between 90-180. Other than recline which fixes the back at a certain angle there is enough room for rocking back and forth at every angle. This gaming chair is best suited for taller guys and heavy build. It comes ready to assemble and never takes more than 15 minutes for complete assembly. If you have a bit lower budget than 200, do checkout our list of gaming chairs under $100.

Customer Reviews

This Homall gaming chair is one of the top sellers on Amazon and has deservedly received the recognition it deserves. Most of the users have adored its durable and sturdy design while making it eye catching without lowering the quality. The reclining feature and its thick padding has garnered most of the compliments from the users and the comfortable cushioning has cemented its place as the most favorite pc gaming chair under 200 USD.

As for the downfalls of this Homall PC gaming chair, there are quite few to mention no matter how great the chair might be. Its armrests are fixed to the seat and can be moved up and down to support your arms but what if you do not need those armrests? Well this thought did not cross mind of the manufacturer and you cannot flip back the arm rests. Whether you need them or not, they are there and will be there unless you totally remove them. Secondly, the base of this chair seems a bit narrow than the seat which makes it easy to tip over if you try to pick something from the ground while sitting on the chair. Well, these are few little snags but are not major deal breakers, given its other phenomenal features.

  • High extending back
  • Segmented padding
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • 360-degrees swivel with rubber casters
  • Reclining to 180-degrees
  • Lumbar support
  • Armrests are fixed to seat
  • Top is heavier and wider than base

2. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

best PC gaming chairs under 200

The racecar style design of this gaming chair offers comfort and cost saving simultaneously. It is designed to provide comfort for long hours, whether you are going for intense gaming sessions or trying to top the leaderboards. It has a true ergonomic design with segmented padding that adds life to your chair and the padding does not just get pushed to any corner or side of the seat. The segmented padding also provides contoured support wherever you need it the most, hence adding hours to your gaming sessions.

In this list of best pc gaming chairs under 200, this Respawn gaming chair is the only one offering and extendable footrest because your legs need a bit of support too during lengthy sessions. The adjustable headrest and lumbar support are given in this price category and this gaming chairs offers them without any doubt. Armrests of this chair are heavily padded as well, taking stress off of your arms and wrists. You can easily find your optimal position by raising or lowering your chair or reclining it. It offers a maximum reclined angle of 155-degrees which is great unless you are planning to sleep in your chair after losing some bet. You can lock it on any reclined angle.

The good thing about its armrests is that they have a unique and modern design. They are attached to the seat and the back and pivot when you go for recline, providing your arms much needed support all the time. As for the outer, it is upholstered in bonded leather and offers contrasting color combinations. This pc gaming chair is good for any person weighing less that its weight capacity of 275 lbs. which is quite good generally. Sit back and relax while knowing that this gaming chair is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews

Well, what do you expect when the chair has addressed most of the pressing concerns of the users. Users have heaped praise on its unique and modern design and the inclusion of extendable footrest which was long sought in best pc gaming chairs under 200. The overall design and material used has been lauded by the users as well and the pivoting design of armrests has been a fresh breeze in gaming chairs otherwise either armrest was attached to its back or seat. Respawn has surely scored top corner with this feature.

It comes with its fair share of shortcoming as well, which are mainly about its unique features that have been lauded the most by users. Though footrest feature is unique in this price category, it would have been nice to have the same quality footrest as the quality of the rest of the chair. Footrest seems flimsy and sometimes you have to wiggle it around to retract or extend. Secondly, the pivoting feature of the armrests makes the screws of the armrest a bit loose and the armrests start to wobble after a month or two. You just have to tighten the screws every now and then to get most out of those armrests. Other than these trivial flaws, this pc gaming chair under $200 is perfect for any gamer who is looking for comfort at low price.

  • Segmented padding
  • 275 lbs. weight capacity
  • Heavily padded seat and back
  • Extendable footrest
  • Pivoting armrests
  • Reclining to 155-degrees
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Footrest is flimsy
  • Armrests wobble after some use
  • Not meant for high temperatures

3. GTRACING Gaming Chair


The GTRACING gaming chair is designed for some hardcore gaming as it offers almost every feature longed by the pro gamers. With maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. it suits even the heavier ones among us. The ergonomic design allows much needed breathing space as lengthy sessions make every one of us sweaty even in winter and the breathable design allows fresh air to keep the back and seat dry. Its strong metal frame gives it leverage not only in weight bearing but also promotes comfortable seated positions of your liking and would not budge under pressure.

One of the noticeable things at first sight are its flashy design and how heavy it is padded on its back and seat. The racing car style design provides enough support to your body and aligns to the natural body shape. The material used in its construction is smooth PU leather which does not absorb any sweat to stink later and is easy to clean. As for the adjustability features of the chair, the armrests are adjustable with raising and lowering options and the seat itself can be adjusted height wise. The adjustment of the seat becomes easy with commercial quality gas used for gas lift and an easy to approach and use lever.

It has got recline feature to it as well, where you can push it back as far as 170-degrees and lock it wherever you find suitable. The 360-degrees swivel and 5-point base is quite sturdy and heavy duty with smooth rolling casters that will make no noise at all while rolling on hard floor. Additionally, it comes with a headrest and an adjustable lumbar support. Though if you want more layback experience, headrest and lumbar support can be removed altogether.

After your order has arrived on your doorstep, you are merely 20 minutes away from sitting into it after easy assembly and upgrading your room space with modern and elegant gaming chair.

Customer Reviews

GTRACING gaming chair has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews from its highly satisfied users. Besides its flashy design and racing car style build the attention to detail in almost every features makes this gaming chair one of the first choices of every pro gamer. Most of the users have shown their satisfaction with the segmented padding and the heavily padded parts like armrests and back of the chair.

As for the disadvantages of having this chair, it is not meant for heavy guys. Though it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. that does not ensure a comfortable experience for any heavy person. This is due to its design on the side of the chair. The high rising padding on the sides of the chair is not comfortable for wider thighs and you would feel like sitting in some kid’s chair. Secondly its armrests are fixed to its seat as well which again could be an inconvenience for any guy with a wider and an open leg sitting posture. Other than these issues, it has got enough reasons to be in list of best PC gaming chairs under 200.

  • Heavily padded
  • Reclining to 170-degrees
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • Swivel 360-degrees quiet casters
  • Seat adjustability
  • Armrests adjustability
  • Not meant for heavy persons
  • Armrests cannot be flipped back

4. Musso Ergonomic Gaming Chair


The Musso gaming chair is meant for high intensity and long lasting gaming experience without denting your bank account. The comfort and quality comes at a price, but in this case, Musso have just lowered the price a bit to offer this feature laden gaming chair under 200. With its segmented padding and highly contoured support you are in for a comfortable gaming experience with only heat coming from the game itself. It has adjustable headrest and lumbar pillows which are adjustable at any position of your liking. Besides them, the armrests are heavily padded as well to lean on to when charging for next game.

It has got a weight capacity of 300 lbs. which is a good news for heavier ones and the relatively wider armrests are a blessing for gamers with wider body shape. The high quality PU leather used in its construction is accompanied by the high density thicker sponge and great resilience. Its high permeability comes with its integrated heavy duty metal frame which is attached to 360-degrees swivel mute casters, hence rendering a stable and sturdy overall construction.

Besides its reclining feature, it has got back and forth rocking freedom for the gamers as well. Though rocking movement is not more than 3 inches, it provides enough room to stretch after every game. As for the recline, you can push it back as low as 180-degrees and lock it in any position you find comfortable. The design of the base keeps it stable even at 180-degrees and under maximum allowed weight.

Assembly of this chair is a breeze as well which takes not more than 15-20 minutes when followed its accompanying installation guide.

Customer Reviews

Though overall this Musso PC gaming chair under 200 has got positive reviews, it has been a blessing for taller guys. This gaming chair has offered a much needed option to our heighted fellows with limited budget offering them a sturdy and comfortable gaming chair they are going to fit in perfectly. The armrests are wider enough to fit the widest of gamers and the weight capacity ensures the safety.

Although Musso has been spot on for most of the features and what users have been looking for, there are few worth mentioning snags to this chair as well. First, its armrests are attached to seat and cannot flip back if you wanted them too. Some taller guys have found the height and positioning of the armrest a bit inconvenient as armrest are not lengthy enough to provide arm support when laid back and are not high enough to provide support if you like to hold your controller a bit up close. Secondly, the lumbar support and headrests can be a cause of uncomfortable feeling as well at first as they cannot be adjusted and fixed at any place. If they are too uncomfortable to bear, you can remove them and try to find your comfort without them.

  • A good fit for taller and wider guys
  • Seat and Armrests height adjustment
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • Segmented padding
  • PU leather covering
  • Reclines to 180-degrees
  • Rocking back and forth
  • Armrests could be uncomfortable for taller guys
  • Armrests cannot be flipped back
  • Lumbar support and headrest may feel positioned lower than actually needed

5. X Rocker Pro Series 2.1


If you are looking for an ultimate gaming chair with no one coming close to in comfort, then this chair is for you. Well, technically it is not a chair per se, but if the most comfortable couch in the world got a gaming look with armrests and tons of gaming related features then this is it. This is an all-purpose pedestal gaming chair covered in high quality leather and can be used for not only gaming but for movie watching, reading and relaxing as well. Its supportive base elevates you fully and allows you to tilt and swivel for hours of comfort and gaming while the gunstock armrests, ergonomic design, and head rest provide much needed back and neck support. The armrests are fully padded like rest of the chair and can be flipped back swiftly to use it as a couch.

You can easily figure the comfort and calm the chair can provide by just looking at it, but these are not its main features. The fun begins with its two forward facing speakers, audio modulation technology and its ported powered subwoofers that are built inside of the chair. You are going to feel a minimal sound and will never skip a beat again with its subwoofers. It provides full immersion in your game, movie, music or whatever you feel like enjoying.

All of its multi-media features have got their own control panel that includes volume and bass controls, input and output jacks for headphones and other controls. The fun does not end with audio coming out of it, it has got its wireless audio receiver built in as well and can send audio from any source with headset or RCA outputs to this gaming chair. If you are going to need RCA cables, they are included in the box as well. This gaming chair also includes vibrations motors that sync up with the playing media and bass tones to create powerful full-body sensation for every beat and bass drop.

Its system is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation and all other gaming systems including your personal computers. The output jacks allow for further connectivity of these chairs with peers, so rest of the people sitting on these chairs can feel what you are feeling at any given time. Indeed, X Rocker has taken their game so high that we do not see any one catching them up soon, and within this budget, it seems impossible to be taken over.

Customer Reviews

All of its users have showered their praise on the design of this chair and the extra features that it carries which are never found in most of the costly chairs. It is surely your go to multimedia chair for whatever you are going to play, watch or listen. Besides its given comfort, most of the users has lauded its sound quality, while some going as far as rating it better than soundbars that are in front of them. It may feel like a lot of pain and hard work to assemble and put this chair to work but it does not take more than 30 minutes for it to work and connect to your device properly.

As shocking as it may sound, it comes with some downsides as well. To begin with, though it is compatible with Xbox One, the Xbox One does not have any RCA jack and you have to buy 38.0 HDMI Audio Extractor if you are looking for connecting them. Secondly, some users have had issues with the padding quality of this chair. It is designed for rough use and has a relatively hard seating and may not be your gaming companion if you like to sit for 6-7 straight hours killing your virtual enemies.

Other than the padding, the fixed back does not ease any tension whatsoever. Only if the backrest was adjustable, users would have enjoyed much needed support adjustability and would not have been forced to sit weirdly. Other than these design flaws, this gaming chair looks great and in its defense, you can only get so much in such a budget.

  • Leather Covering
  • Heavily Padded
  • Armrests are adjustable
  • Built in Speakers
  • Built inside subwoofers
  • Vibration motors
  • Wireless audio system
  • Compatible with Xbox, PlayStation and PC
  • Have to buy extra cable for Xbox One
  • Seating is not soft
  • Height cannot be adjusted
  • Not for long gaming sessions

6. RESPAWN Fortnite OMEGA-Xi Gaming Chair


Get ready to play like a legend with this gaming chair and top the leaderboards. The Fortnite edition of Omega gaming chair has got a racecar style design and has got every imaginable luxury. It is designed to provide luxury and comfort no matter what you are using it for, quick games or your marathon gaming sessions. This gaming chair under 200 features a high back that extends to your head and has a wider seat as well to accommodate your thighs. The segmented padding and integrated headrest would never let you feel the passing of time. Besides its back and seat, its armrests are heavily padded as well.

The extra feature of this gaming chair is its extendable footrest that you can easily kick back and forward with ease. The stain resistant leather ensures long lasting overall look. It is truly inspired by Fortnite and features accents that allow you to represent your favorite outfit.

Its overall weight capacity of 275 lbs. is enough for any gamer with healthy routine, though unofficially it can sustain weight of two gamers due to its strong base. The reclining feature allows you to recline it back between 90-155 degrees and has got tilt tension adjustment and infinite locking system that lets you lock its recline at any position.

The pivoting armrests of this chair are an eagerly sought feature by the gamers as well, where armrests are attached to the back and seat and pivot when you recline its back without leaving your arms. Full 360-degrees swivel and rotation enabled dynamic movement gives extra power to its casters and lets you roll on it from one place to another. On top of these features it has got a lifetime warranty as well so you do not have to worry about how you are sitting on it and instead focus on bringing your A game to every match.

Customer Reviews

Being a best seller in its category gives enough proof of its quality and comfort. It has received positive reviews from almost all of its users where focus of attention and praise has been its sturdy footrest, pivoting armrest and how heavily padded this chair is. Almost every user has found its assembly very easy as it comes with all of the gadgets you are going to need while assembling it.

As for its flaws, most of them have to do with the design and not the quality of the material used in its construction. Some users have found footrest a bit short than where they would have liked it. If you are a tall guy, chances are the footrest will support your knees rather than keeping your feet in the air. Secondly the lumbar support has caused some inconvenience as well. Lumbar support has got its straps but straps are sometime too loose to hold the lumbar where you would have wanted. Other than these trivial flaws, this special edition from RESPAWN will surely surprise you with its quality and comfort.

  • Pivoting armrests
  • Heavily padded
  • Heavily padded seat and back
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Reclines to 155-degrees
  • 275 lbs. weight capacity
  • Lumbar support needs getting used to
  • Footrest is relatively short

7. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair


The multifunctioning features of this gaming chair in almost every part make this chair one of the most popular among gamers. This gaming chairs extends to the full length of your body by providing support to your arms, back, shoulder, neck and head. By just looking at it you can feel its ergonomic design and how it is designed to fit your natural body shape. The high quality PU leather used in manufacturing is eye pleasing with its vibrant colors and has scratch less feature to sustain its shiny look after rough use. Its executive styling is designed to make you feel relaxed during intense battles like a boss.

Almost every part of this gaming chair is heavily padded with segmented padding. It has got an amazing recline to it where it can recline as low as 160 degrees to allow you a perfect napping position. You can lock the reclined position anywhere between 90-160 degrees wherever you find it perfect for you and it would not budge a single degree without you adjusting it yourself. Its 360-degrees multi directional casters can move smoothly and quietly on floor without making any noticeable noise.

The pneumatic seat height adjustment can take you high and low with little effort of just pressing the lever. The commercial quality gas used in the gas chamber makes it easy to lower or lift without you feeling any jerks while doing so. The high backrest ensures proper alignment of you neck and head with your body. It can support a maximum weight of 300 lbs. and is considered one of the best budget chairs for heavy gamers. The assembly may take 30 minutes as it might be confusing at times with lots of parts coming together.

Customer Reviews

This chair has got the most favorable reviews from its users due to its multifunctioning and the comfort that it offers. Its reclining feature and the recline position locking feature has been the main focal point of this chair with every user heaping praise on that. There are not many chairs that you can find in best PC gaming chairs under 200 category which allow that much functioning.

No matter how perfect it may seem, there are some noteworthy flaws to it. The main snag could be its nonadjustable armrest. The arm rests are fixed to the bottom of the chair and cannot be flipped back to create more space if you need it. This design of arm rests fixed to the base rather than being fixed to the back rest renders them useless when you are playing in a reclined position and have no support for your arms. Secondly, few users have complained about difficulty in assembling as you might have to cut through the leather that covers screws. Other than these trivial flaws, we have found this chair to be a perfect weapon for any gamer.

  • Multifunctioning chair
  • Reclines to 160-degrees
  • Thick padded seat and backrest
  • Backrest extends high enough to support your neck and head
  • 360-degrees swivel
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Fixed armrests
  • Assembly is not easy

8. Furmax High-Back Gaming Chair


This Furmax ergonomic gaming chair is perfect for long gaming sessions without making you feel tired. The frame and relatively wider seating area makes space for any person and perfectly fits your body shape, though maximum weight endurance capacity is 300 lbs. Its high leather back and 5-star nylon base keeps your chair stable while allowing you more positions to sit in. Its soft PU leathering has got ample padding which adds even more comfort to this chair. The carbon fiber leather comes with high density thicker sponge inside to make ideal seat for you that is comfortable and durable. The frame is made of tubular steel and makes this chair sturdy enough to last rough use.

The adjustable lumbar support comes handy when you are feeling tired while sitting in one position for long. It has a rocking back and forth design that avoids back stiffness while your focus is on the game. The headrest is made of plastic and has been made so due to most of the users complaining about sweaty necks because of leathery headrests. This issue has been addressed in latest models of this pc gaming chair. It has got 360-degrees swivel wheels as well. The recline can be from 90-degrees straight to 180-degrees horizontal positioning if you decide to lay down for a while after a tough game. The anti-scratch material and smooth-rolling casters help you getting rid of unwanted squeaky noise.

The commercial quality explosion proof gas spring helps in easy lifting up and lowering of chair without any sudden movements and are good for your knee joints that get tired with on position. The easy lock-tilt adjustment with recline angle adjuster is the cherry on top for any pro gamer who spends hours mastering their game. As for the assembly, though it comes with an installation guide, some users have found it difficult to assemble, though there are tons of videos available to show you its assembly.

Customer reviews

The rich features, high quality leather and construction material makes it one of our easiest choices in best pc gaming chairs under 200 USD. Most of the reviews on amazon are positive, near to perfection, and this gaming chair has surely made some diehard fans too.

There are some noteworthy shortfalls of this chair as well which though are not deal breakers in any way but you should expect them with this chair nonetheless. The material used in construction is high quality leather which heats up after constant use, though this issue could be taken care off by standing up for few seconds after each game to let it absorb fresh air. Secondly there has been some complains of it creaking after some months of use. As for the creaking, you might have to put your tool box into work after every few months to tighten screws and stop the creaking sounds. Other than these trivial flaws this is in the very top half of best pc gaming chairs under 200 USD.

  • Sturdy design and construction
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • Tubular steel base
  • Rocking and Reclining
  • Plastic Headrest
  • Wider sitting area
  • Leather heats up after constant use
  • Makes creaky sounds after some use
  • Arm rests are too far apart and take some getting used to

9. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair


The first thing you would notice about this chair is its flashy design and vibrant colors giving it a look of racing chair, which surely it is. This is an ergonomic gaming chair that is covered in premium quality breathable leather from its seat to headrest. The lumber support is freely adjustable wherever you want it by its strap. There is a pillow attached on top of the chair to provide better support to your head.

The 360-degrees swivel rotation and mute rolling wheels are another hard to miss feature of this one of the best pc gaming chairs under 200. Its heavy duty design allows it to withstand a maximum weight of 300 lbs. no matter your favorite position. The international standard quality explosion-proof gas spring allows easy and risk free up and down adjustment of the seat depending upon how intense the game is going or how your knees are feeling. This gaming chair under $200 has got easy lock-tilt adjustment as well where you can just recline it to a degree of your liking and just lock it there to have some well-deserved rest.

The padded armrests provide much comfort to your arms and give them something to hang onto while you are busy handling controller. The seating area dimensions are generous as well where it allows wider guys and would comfortably absorb you in even if you have an open leg sitting posture. The assembly of the chair is as easy as it could be and never takes more than 20 minutes if all the instruction followed properly which are laid out in the accompanying installation guide. Everything considered, this is one of the best pc gaming chairs under 200 and it will serve the purpose of your gaming needs to perfection.

Customer Reviews

There is no denying in the popularity of this best pc gaming chair under 200 dollars that not only falls light on your pocket but equips you with all the luxury for your battlefield hours. It has received overwhelmingly positive reviews where focus of the users has been on its flashy and impressive design and all the praise shown for the comfort it offers to gamers no matter the height. The backrest height has properly addressed the issue of relatively shorter backrests by most of the best pc gaming chairs under 200 in this category and has come up with high extending backrest.

As for the downfalls, the armrests are fixed to the seat and cannot be adjusted for height, let alone flipping them back to create more space. Though it is an inconvenience, but if you want freedom of movement for your legs, the design of this best computer gaming chairs under 200 allows you to skip installation of the armrests and there you have all the sitting options.

Secondly, it comes with a lumbar support, but that cannot be adjusted wherever you want. You adjust the lumbar support for your upper back and as soon as you get up, it would fall down, asking you to adjust it again. The strap that holds lumbar support has got no friction to it which causes the slip and would have been nice if it had stuck where you had adjusted it. Other than these trivial flaws, we have a strong feeling for this chair fulfilling your gaming dreams from a comfortable anchor.

  • Covered in Premium Lather
  • Vibrant colors and pleasing design
  • Breathable and sturdy construction
  • Backrest extended high enough to support your head
  • 360-degrees swivel wheels
  • Backrest has got recliner and locks at any position
  • Easy assembly
  • Armrests are fixed
  • Lumbar support cannot be fixed
  • May cause some discomfort in reclined modes

10. Flash X10 Gaming Chair


If you are a serious gamer, this Flash X10 gaming chair is for you to keep up with the demands of marathon gaming sessions. Have you ever seen a pro gamer sitting on a couch while playing games? No this does not happen that way and you have to opt for a gaming chair because couch is not meant for providing hours of comfort and keeping your hands steady while gaming. This chair is one of the first choices in best pc gaming chairs under 200 and is considered in starter pack of any gamer. As if only leather or foam wasn’t enough, this chair is made of mainly Foam, Mesh, Plastic, Plywood and Polyurethane and material has been used where it was needed the most.

Whether you are reviewing the latest video game or playing just for fun with your followers cheering for you, this chair will give you a confidence boost while not making you tired in any way. Its blinds mesh and LeatherSoft upholstery are convenient to make it more durable and sturdy for rough use. The high back design is there to support your back and contoured cushions make comfortable headrest. The gas lift is there to make lowering and lifting comfortably easy.

The tilt lever makes movement and locking of the chair easy. Just push in the lever to lock an upright position and pullout if you feel like rocking and moving. If you are playing on your PC and need to get near to the action, just flip the padded armrests backward and pull yourself under your desk without adjusting seating height. It has a 250 lbs. weight capacity and is wider enough to fit in any heavy gamer. Though its base is made of plastic rather than steel but it is high quality plastic that can endure extra weight. The assembly is not a breeze though even after following installation guide though it comes with all the screws and drivers that you would need for the installation. Moreover, manufacturer is providing 5-years warranty for the chair as well.

Customer Reviews

It has received generally positive ratings though the pool of reviewers has not been large enough as it has recently been launched. Even with low number but positive reviews we bet on its long term success in the gaming chairs market. Those who have reviewed are particularly amazed by its sturdy design and padded quality as almost every bare part that is ever going to touch your body is heavily padded to make you feel like you are gaming from the comfort of your bed.

It comes with fair share of downsides as well. The main problem that almost every user experienced is it’s hard to understand assembly and takes the effort of around 2-3 people to put it into anything where you can sit. Secondly the back is short for any tall or even a normal guy. In any perfect case, back rest will reach only up to your neck rendering the head rest useless and there is no way to adjust the height of the back. Again, if you are a tall guy this is not a perfect fit for you.

  • Sturdy design
  • Padded arm rests
  • 250 lbs. weight capacity
  • 360-degrees swivel
  • Folding arm rests
  • 5 years warranty from the manufacturer
  • Assembly is hard
  • Not for the tall guys
  • Back support is short

Final Verdict

Well, we have tried our best to be as unbiased with our list of best pc gaming chairs under 200 as possible. Before choosing your next gaming chair you must have your priorities set about what are the features that you want the most and what features that you can compromise on. Of course there is not any gaming chair than can provide all the feature and  check all the boxes but you can select from this wide range, a chair that checks most of your prioritized boxes.

We hope, that by now you have selected which one is going to be your dream gaming chair. Do let us know in comments below, on what would be your accompanying weapon in the battlefield.

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