10 Best Electric Heated Lunch Boxes for Car-2020

Unless you plan on sticking your lunch under your car’s hood, the possibility of a piping hot meal when you are on the road is a distant dream. Even if miraculously you find a microwave, it is either at a very busy place or looks too greasy on the inside to heat up your food. Now, keeping in mind this scenario, some of best Electric Heated lunch box for car consume less power and need a voltage that your car or truck can easily provide. Welcome to the era of best electric heated lunch boxes for car.

Electric Heated Lunch Boxes for Car come in so manydifferent shapes, sizes, containers and power usage variations that it is a tiring task to find a lunch box that checks all boxes. We have done the legwork in finding the best electric heated lunch box for car out there and we hope that you will find your travel partner here in this list of best electric heated lunch boxes for car.

Here goes our list,

1. Koolatron LBS-01 Black 12 Volt Lunch Box


For any road trip or your daily routine, Koolatron has got everything to brighten your day with hot and fresh food. You do not have to rely on fast food which is not only heavy on your pocket but deteriorate your health in the long run as well. It’s simple and compact design is easy to carry around and store in car. It is designed in a way to help you in long journeys by not only storing your homemade meals but warming up anything you or your family puts inside. You do not have to carry baby bottle warmers with you for family trips as this electric heater will warm them for you.

This beautiful looking electric heated lunch box is made of food grade plastic and inside is made of aluminum which provides optimum sturdiness. It weighs around 3.8 pounds and is quite spacious with 7×9.5×7 inches container dimensions. It warms food up to 300 F and takes only an hour to warm up your food to perfection. Time is a bit too much if you want your food ready quickly but this much time is justified if your food tastes fresh after coming out of it.

The container inside is not removable and you cannot directly fill it with your food but food has to be placed in any other container which should not be plastic or any other completely covered container. If you could have some aluminum pan foil with you, that will do the trick by placing them inside the container. That being said, it is not good for soup and liquids for obvious reasons.

This lunch box can easily be plugged into your car’s cigarette jack or any other 12V source. For convenience it comes with a cord wrap and you do not have to worry about losing the cord while commuting.

Customer Reviews and Scores

On amazon 508 reviewers have given it a score of 4.1 which is quite good. It’s all in one function of warming up everything has been much admired by the users as it saves you from a lot of carry around stuff and does the trick for any food you put into it.

On the downside, it takes a bit too long for any person who cannot wait for food or does not have the convenience of having their car running for an hour just to get their food warm. Second reason to avoid could be that the inside container cannot be removed and that is very inconvenient if you want your lunch box to be Monica level clean. Another let down could be that it only comes with a 12V cord and cannot be plugged into any AC power source at your home or office.

  • All in one
  • Takes low power
  • Spacious Design
  • Container not removable
  • Take bit too long
  • Not for Home and Office

2. Gideon Heated Electric Lunch Box


The Gideon Electric Heated Lunch box warms up your food with ease while you are on the go or having a party anywhere away from home or microwave. This lunch box has no match when it comes to safety. There has been an issue with most of the best electric heated lunch box for cars that they cannot stop heat traveling to the outer surface of the lunch box but this lunch box features a heat resistant case that always stays cool to touch. It boasts a spill resistant design that holds your soup or any liquid from spilling even after you drop it or turn it over. It warms up your food to 300 F and holds the heat inside for hours even after plugged off.

Its generous container capacity of 10x8x6 inches can hold food for two persons. Container itself is made of aluminum and is not sticky if you decide to store food inside instead of using any other container for the food. It has a 6 feet power cord which seems unnecessary because all you have to do is plug the switch in your cigarette car jack but carries a convenience to it too if you decide to place the lunch box on backseat of your car.

It weighs only 2.5 pounds when empty and wouldn’t bother you much while being carried around. For carrying purpose, it does come with a top carrying handle as well.

Though Gideon Electric Heated lunch box and Koolatron LBS-01 Black 12 Volt Lunch Box are identical units, this lunch box takes way less time than its competitor with only 15-30 minutes depending on what you are warming up.

Customer Reviews and Scores

On amazon 360 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.1 which is quite good if not great. No matter the rating, it just does what you want it to do. Most of the users have quite admired it spacious design and ease of carrying it around.

It comes with its fair share of shortcomings as well. One of the letdown could be the design of this lunch box itself as the inside container is non removable which makes it quite tricky to cleaned as you cannot put it into dishwasher but has to be cleaned with any soft and dry cloth. Because of this very reason it would become just like your microwave and if not taken good care of after every trip, you may start noticing smell. Another let down could be its car only usage as it does not work at home or office due to absence of its support for AC power.

  • Compact Design
  • Spacious Container
  • Long Cord
  • Quick Warmer
  • Non Removable Container
  • Not for Home and Office

3. Hot Logic 16801045-BL Food Warming Tote


This Hot Logic electric heated lunch box is drop the mic best in its category. It is somewhat similar to a microwave and a crock pot but without any of their drawbacks. Its beautiful and easy to carry design is ideal for taking meals on the go. There is certain intelligent heating feature to it that heats your food and keeps it that way for up to 12 hours. So you just have to plug it into your car’s 12V plug and it will do the trick without any supervision and will stop taking power when food is ready and hot.

This lunch box is specially for those people who do not have an exact lunch time and have short time for lunch as it not only takes much less time than other best electric heated lunch box for cars but also waits for you with hot food. Another great feature of this lunch box is that it evenly heats your food and gives you no chance of being disappointed because of burnt edges or cold centers.

It has a spacious design of 6.8 x 8.8 x 2.5 inches and weighs on 11.5 ounces, making it easy to carry and allows you to bring all the food you want. This portable food heater has a heating base to it and the inside is covered with aluminum lining that holds in the heat without heating the outer of the lunch box. It takes around 1 hours to heat up your food properly but to keep it that way it does not need any power. We recommend you to plug it while you are on way to work as it does take power from the battery and after an hour just plug it off and it will hold your food hot and fresh for 12 hours.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Overall 1,515 reviewers have given it a score of 4.7 which is great by any standards. This wizard of a lunch box has become a necessity for every user who has given it a try and as is reflected by the ratings as users have been in love with this lunch box. It is quite easy to clean and supports almost every type of food container inside it except plastic of course. It holds the food scent inside so your coworkers can’t snoop around your lunch.

The only downside to this otherwise great lunch box is the absence of power on/off indicator. You cannot be sure whether it is working or not and only way to know is whether it is plugged or not. Though this particular flaw matters only for first few times and you will probably know after few times that it had started working after plugging it in your car cigarette jack.

This Hot Logic lunch box comes only with 12V power cord and does not support AC power available at home and office though you can find Hot Logic lunch boxes which are equally great and are made for work and home.

  • Intelligent Heater
  • Supports every container except plastic
  • Holds heat for up to 12 hours
  • 9 different color options
  • Carrying Handle
  • Absence of power indicator
  • Not for Home and Work

4. RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove


Well, if you are a frequent traveler and usually do not have the luxury of having homemade food on the go, then this portable oven cum best electric heated lunch box is for you. This lunch box is generously spacious to hold food for whole day. RoadPro is an ultimate lunch box and would surely suit your on the go lifestyle. This lunch box is perfect for instant heating and makes a good companion for camping and long drives.

This lunch box warms up to 300 F and is not only good for heating your meal but can cook anything for you from raw meat to rice and vegetables.  It plugs into your car’s 12V socket and reheats whatever you have decided to eat in the day. Our mighty stove uses 8 in. x 3-3/4 in. x 2-1/2 in. aluminum disposable pans (Model RPSC-90820) for ultimate convenience which you can buy separately from any store. This disposable box usage, makes this lunch box easy to clean which should only be done by any soft and dry cloth.

Its 12V plug only consumes 144 watts power which gradually decreases once it starts getting hotter and hotter to the point that it stops taking power and just stores the heat inside for 3-4 hours and keeps your food hot and ready. As it works just like a microwave so that makes this lunch box take much less time compared to other best electric heated lunch box in heating your food to the optimum temperature. It only takes 20 minutes in heating your food but you have to supervise it and plug it off when the steam starts to come out of it.

For convenience, it has a carrying handle to it on the top for easy of carrying and has a 5.5 feet lengthy power cord that allows you to place the lunch box on back seat while plugged in.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Overall 3,606 reviewers have given it a score of 4.5 which is as great as any lunch box could get. The appreciation showered onto this lunch box has been mainly due to its innovative design, ease of use and its spacious container. Users have noted that adding water to the food before plugging it in would do the trick in keeping your food moist and fresh.

The main letdown of this best electric heated lunch box is the flimsy plug that fits into the car. The plug is cumbersome and could be improved and if not handled with care every time plugging it in or out, chances are it will break in a short while. Another let down or more of a suggestion for the manufacture could be to have an LED temperature indicator on the box because there is no way to know the temperature and you just have to figure out by the time.

  • Spacious Design
  • Quickly heats up food
  • Ease to clean
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Plug is cumbersome

5. Eocolz Electric Lunch Box


This Eocolz electric lunch box has made its worthy place in our list of best electric lunch box for car. It comes with two power cords i.e. 12V and 110V which could be used for car and for work or home. Its compact and sleek design makes it easy to carry and perfect for portability. This electric heated food warmer is made of food grade plastic on the outside and has a 304 stainless steel container inside which is totally removable, making it easy to clean. The inside container is dishwasher friendly and the rest of plastic container could be cleaned by a wet cloth.

The food container meets all the safety standards of dietary meals and has a strong heat resistance to avoid any burning of the plastic on the outside. It adopts PTC energy saving heating consumption cycles that keep your food at suitable temperature and keep the moisture of food intact for up to an hour after pulling the plug. Though it takes about 30-40 minutes to warm up your food, it does not compromise on the freshness and taste of food. One thing to note is that this best electric heated lunch box for car is for heating your food and does not provide enough temperature to cook food from scratch.

To give you the option of carrying more than one food item with you for the day, it comes with an additional plastic compartment that you can easily place inside the steel compartment and have a side dish for you. For more convenience it comes with a spoon as well.

Customer Reviews and Score

On amazon, 221 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.4 which is quite good for this relatively inexpensive electric heated lunch box for car. Users have adored it lightweight and compact design and its additional container to have more dish options. Though this lunch box for car is spill proof but after some time the rubber that makes it spill proof becomes less efficient and leaks if lunch box is turned over.

On the downside, its lid seems a bit cumbersome and definitely needs more work on the design and material. For spillage the main issue could be not perfect fitting of the lid after some time making it hard to keep intact on any bumpy road.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Additional compartment for more dishes
  • Dual Use
  • Material used is not of great quality
  • Not spill proof after some use

6. COROTC Car Electric Lunch Box


This electric lunch box is made of food grade PP plastic and has a 304 stainless steel container which of course is fit for every health standard and meets safety standards set for dietary materials. It is heat resistant so it doesn’t burn any covering of the lunch box other than heating up the food inside container.

Corotc Electric Heating Lunch box has a bit longer heating time of 30-50 minutes than its peers. Heating time varies from 30-50 minutes depending upon what you are heating. It takes longer because of using way less power than other best electric heated lunch box which is only 40W.  It comes with two plugging options of 110V and 12V. 110V works perfectly for work and home and 12V works best for cars and trucks. Its low power consumption does not fall heavy on your pocket as well.

It takes less than a minute to clean this lunch box because of its removable steel container. It even shows power light to let you know it is heating up your food. This portable lunch box comes with an add on option of plastic separate inside the steel container to let you keep different items in one box.

Customer Reviews and Scores

A total of 502 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.4 which is quite good. Users have found this lunch box very convenient and easy to use. It even has a veggie box and can carry a spoon in the top lid. The size of the inside container is quite big enough to store food for two people.

One of the very few shortcomings could be its design and specially its lid which does not fit enough to stop leakage, which makes it not good for carrying around soup or any curry, though works perfectly for solid food. This imperfect fitting of the lid makes it vulnerable to leakage if it turns over.

  • Has a steel container
  • Works best for work and for car
  • Spacious container
  • Additional compartments
  • Not Spill Proof
  • Not a quick heating lunch box

7. Toursion Dual Electric Lunch Box


One of the best things about Toursion Electric Lunch Box is its built in utensils tray that comes with a spoon and fork. You do not have to carry spoon or forks separately as is the case with other best electric heating lunch box. This little buddy works on 12V which is what you get from car and 110V for home use. Go on adventures my friend and what you will at least get is hot food. It has sealed outer container to stop the sneak peek into what you would be having for lunch.

The electric food warmer is made of food grade PP plastic and 304 stainless steel container. The container is completely removable and washable which makes it easy to use and clean. Well, if we are talking about removable container, it is worth mentioning that complete lunch box is detachable from every other item as it is made of three-layer detachable containers and boxes. The containers fit perfectly and do not give away any smell and odor to attract unwanted attention.

It’s built in PTC original constant temperature heating insulation dual function keeps inside and outside completely safe of burning. Though this electric heated lunch box takes normally 25-40 minutes in heating the food properly and that makes it one of the fast heating electric lunch boxes.

This lunch box is quite spacious with 9.45 x 7.09 x 4.33 inch dimensions and holds food for one person quite conveniently. For carrying purpose, it boasts a carrying handle as well.

Customer Reviews and Scores

In total, 269 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.3 which is not bad to be honest. The feature most applauded by users has been its utensils tray and its use for both car and work/home because of dual plugging cords. While the product descriptions say it will warm up food in 25-40 minutes, most of the users had their food ready in about 15 minutes. The time varies on where you are plugged in; your car or at work, as it works better on higher voltage. Secondly, the food temperate and state matters a lot before you are putting it inside the lunch box as the food which is coming out of refrigerator may take a bit longer.

On the downside, its side clippers which hold the containers as one lunch box piece are cumbersome and not easy to use as well. If these side clippers somehow get loose there is higher risk of liquid spillage and the worst part is that you have nowhere to buy new side clippers. So if you decide to go with this one, please be careful with the side clippers. Otherwise a great lunch box for work and car.

  • For Work and Car
  • 3 containers
  • Utensils container
  • Heats Quickly
  • Easy to Carry
  • Not leak proof
  • Side clippers are cumbersome

8. YOHOOLYO Electric Lunch Box


This YOHOOLYO electric lunch box is for your if you like to take 2,3 different dishes for lunch as its container comes with 3 compartments to give you more choice for your lunch and freedom to carry more food items with you. It has an outer cover of food grade PP material and on inside has a stainless steel container which is completely environment friendly. This food warmer uses constant temperature heating system that allows you to simply plug in the lunch box and go about your day without worrying about it. Comes with an insulation function on the inside to prevent it from overheating or burning any of the lunch box outer cover.

It has certain ease of use to it as well as its inside container is completely removable for cleaning and washing. While food may take a bit longer time of 40-50 minutes to be perfectly hot and ready, it goes without saying that your will feel the freshness of food in every bite. It has dimensions of 10.6 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches and weighs only 2.4 pounds to not tire you while carrying it.

This YOHOOLYO portable food warmer could be used for work and for car due to low power consumption of only 40W and to make it more convenient comes with two cords of 12V and 110V. Either you are in office or on road, this lunch box will be your perfect partner.

It comes with a rubber on the top of the steel container which works as seal when lid is placed and tightly fit over it, making its leak and scent proof. On top of all these features, the manufacturer offers the best customer support.

Customer Scores and Reviews

Overall 114 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.3 which is not great but being a newly launched lunch box it will surely catch up with leading top guns. It has an indicator lights on top which lets you know when it is heating and when it is done and you can proceed towards having what is inside. As if 3 compartments of the container were not good enough it comes with complimentary spoon and fork as well. Talk about convenience.

As any product ever made, it has its fair share of criticism as well, mainly about the rubber which works as a seal as it is clumsy and just not made to handle high temperatures. Over time the sealing rubber would change its shape, leaving the lunch box vulnerable to spillage. On the other hand, you may avoid spillage with some luck and with handling the sealing rubber carefully, chances are higher that if you are carrying soup or any liquid inside its 3 compartments, then those will mix up.

  • Three Compartments
  • Ease to use and carry
  • Constant Temperature Heating System
  • Works for work and car
  • Not completely leak proof
  • Inside container do share food
  • Slow cooker

9. TRAVELISIMO Electric Lunch Box


Well, it is not only the name of Travelisimo that is unique here but the lunch box is also one of a kind. While the main compartment has a capacity of 1.5 liters if you are going to carry one dish, it does come with a plastic container separator if you decide to go with two dishes and do not want them mixed. This lunch box is made of food grade plastic on the outside and carries a stainless steel container inside which has a spacious dimension of 9x7x5 inches.

The removable container is dishwasher friendly and is big enough to hold food for a big guy and even more convenient if you decide to go with two different dishes. It is light on the electricity as well and only consumes 40W power while works for work and in car with its dual power cords of 110V and 12V. As the name suggests, travel all you want and have hot meals whenever you decide to take a break.

It comes with a carrying handle on the top of it and weighs only 1.8 pounds while empty, making it one of the easiest things to carry around. If we talk about convenience, as we are, you should not forget the time it takes to warm your food as it merely takes 15-30 minutes depending upon the type of food you have inside. This short heating time puts it into the category of best fast heating electric lunch boxes. It takes a bit longer while plugged into car though.

Customer Reviews and Scores

On amazon, 728 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.2 which surely is quite good and it is mainly due to its convenience of use and its additional plastic made compartment to separate food items. Though its main purpose is to warm the food just enough to make your food fresh and tasty, it can be used to cook from the scratch as well because its heating base can reach a temperature of 150°C.

The main downsides could be its design which is prone to spillage and does not hold liquid inside if not kept upright. The second most annoying downside is that heat feels on the outside as well. When heated to the limit or as it normally heats food, its get too hot to touch, making it inconvenient if you have children around. This outer heating would give you headache about placing it on the right place while in car. If you could overcome these not so deal breaking flaws, then you are destined to love this lunch box.

  • Good for Work and Car
  • Additional Plastic Compartment
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Carrying Handle
  • Not big enough
  • Not spill proof
  • Outer gets hot

10. VOVOIR Electric Heating Lunch Box


Just like an all in one electric heated lunch box, this heated lunch box has got everything to make your lunch break a happy time. It is made of food grade PP plastic and has got two 304 stainless steel container inside for the main dish. Main container has generous capacity of 1.5L and the side container can handle .45L easily. Dimension wise it is relatively bigger than other best electric heated lunch box with size of 9.3×4.3×6.9inch. This portable meal box comes with a salad compartment which is advised to be removed before heating up your lunch box. On top of this, inside container is removable and washable as well while the heating base has to be put away from water.

This lunch box is capable of killing two birds with one stone. It uses only 40W power and has got dual power cords to accommodate you with hot lunch at work with 110V and make your traveling time hassle free with its 12V power cord which fits into any car or truck power plug.

This portable food warmer for car has got an adopting PTC energy saving heating components that provide security against overheating, taking a load off of your mind about burning your food or lunch box in case of heating it for too long. It uses low consumption heat cycles that slowly warm your food while not taking away any taste, freshness and moisture. Usually it takes 20-25 minutes to warm up your food to perfection, though heating time may vary depending upon the food item and the temperature of the food item as anything coming out of fridge may take a bit longer.

It is easy to carry with its carrying handle and a stylish look to land you into some serious staring. Its waterproof plug will keep it safe of any moisture while not in use. Though it prevents food spillage to some extent, it is not air proof to hold everything inside. It is bound to leak some liquid if you turn it over on rare occasions and food scent on almost every occasion.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Overall 300 reviewers have given it a rating of 4.3 on amazon which is quite good for a lunch box that checks almost every box. Users have heaped praise for the warming and heating part which it handles perfectly and never disappoints you with too cold or too hot food. The food temperature is preset and it warms food up to 50°C which is not enough to burn your food or cook anything from the start. There is no way you can change these heat setting which is a letdown of course if you want to instruct lunch box on how hot the food should be.

Another letdown in this best electric heated lunch box could be down to the fact that it has no gasket to the lid which makes no effort in keeping the soup or liquid inside of the lunch box and it spills out if lunch box gets turned over. If you are sure about keeping this lunch box upright or not playing any catch me if you can then this lunch box has got everything to make you a little bit happier about your day.

  • For work and Car
  • 1.5L main & .45L side tray
  • Less power consumption
  • Utensils container
  • Not spill proof
  • Preset Heating Temperature

Final Verdict

Well, we have tried our best to equip you with as much knowledge as we can to make you more aware about your final purchase with pros and cons of best electric heated lunch box for car. Every lunch box has its own perks and flaws and we recommend you to go for the one which suits your style and decide on which features are not essential for you. It is almost impossible for an electric food warmer to check all the boxes and only you can decide on what boxes you need checked.

We hope you have found this article informative. Please let us know which electric heated lunch box you have decided go with.

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