10 Best Bluetooth Boomboxes in 2020

The 1980s called. And it is wondering why is everyone getting a Boombox these days. Surely all of us remember when boomboxes were more of a fashion than a necessity. Well, for certain, boomboxes are back with more modern features and look. Now you can hook up a cable with them to listen to whatever you want. Most of our featured Best Bluetooth Boombox have features such as FM/AM tuning and Bluetooth connectivity on top of the basic CD player feature.

Boomboxes come in variety and with different feature sets but for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on best Bluetooth boomboxes as those are more convenient to use and easy to connect with our smart phones.

Below is the list of best bluetooth boomboxes that we found up to the mark in terms of sound, bluetooth connectivity, bass, features, price and style to assist you in making the right decision.

1. JBL Portable Boombox

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Well it is not ONE of the most powerful boomboxes but THE most powerful boombox. As they claim that you will not only listen to the sound it makes, but also see it.

JBL has done a pretty impressive job on this one compared to their previous boomboxes. The company itself has been producing sound and electronic equipment for a long time and this is no doubt the pinnacle of their technology. The JBL name has been synonymous with precise, naturally articulated sound found in many of the world’s most prestigious locations, including clubs, cinemas, recording studios and live-music reinforcement in venues ranging from concert halls to outdoor stadiums. 

Portable Waterproof Boombox

One of the salient feature of this boombox is its water resistance and you do not have to worry about it while partying in the rain or taking it to lakes and beaches, because it can protect itself against water. You do not have to worry about its submersion in the water as well and it is kind of cool to play bass underwater.

Its portability makes it an even better choice for the sound and bass lovers.

24 Hours Battery Time

Its Lithium Li-on battery gives it 24 hours of constant sound and beat. Charge it for once and you will have at least two days of sound and bass rocking your world.

Main Features and Specifications:

  • Monstrous Sound and Bass
  • Only 6 hours of charging time will give you 24 hours of playing time
  • Its 20,000 mAh battery will not only keep your boombox working but its dual charge outlet will charge any other device of yours as well. This feature has been added to keep your phone charged as well if you are playing songs from your phone.
  • It is IPX7 waterproof to handle your tailgate pool party and withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • It is Incorporated with four active transducers and two JBL bass radiator to literally shake your world.
  • Its wireless and can connect up to two devices so you can take turns while DJ-ing the party. “I have listened to your choice, now you listen to mine” works pretty well on this one.
  • Has a 3.5 mm cable input, in case you are connecting with device without bluetooth functionality.
  • Supports voice assistant integration
  • It weights around 11.5 lbs.

Customers Reviews

Customers have heaped so much praise on the quality of sound and bass it has been making for them. Long battery time is another feature that comes handy when you have set out on a trip and need to play your songs anywhere you want.

One of the rare shortages that JBL Boombox has is the absence of song menu and control on the boombox itself. If you are playing it in the pool, chances are you have to get out of the pool to change songs from your phone, unless you have one of those waterproof smart phones.

Overall JBL Boombox has received very positive reviews and ratings and has cemented its place on top of best bluetooth boombox.

  • Best sound and bass
  • Water proof
  • Dual bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual charge outs
  • 24 Hours battery time
  • 6 hours battery time
  • No menu on boombox
  • Bluetooth not perfect
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2. JBL Flip 4

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A very affordable option for the boombox lovers in the JBL boomboxe family. You can consider it to be a mini version of JBL Boombox itself with almost every feature scaled downcompared to the original one by a notch or two. But that is the best you can get within such a price range.

JBL Flip 4 boasts almost the same features and functionality as the monster JBL Boombox and has every feature of a best bluetooth boombox speaker. Without any doubt it is the best choice for you and especially for those sound junkies out there who do not want to keep their whole neighborhood awake but for just want to dance on the beat.

Waterproof Boombox

JBL Flip 4 comes with IPX7 waterproof feature which has become a trade mark for the JBL boomboxes. You can enjoy boating with your boombox without worrying about it.

12 Hours Battery

Take your party anywhere with you with the JBL Flip 4 as its 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery will keep your party going for at least 12 hours. Moreover, battery is recharged under 6 hours which keeps you enough time to rest and resume your party.

Main Features and Specifications:

  • Bluetooth and AUX Connectivity
  • 12 hours long battery
  • Its waterproof fabric comes in 6 vibrant colors
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • It has a built in noise and echo cancelling speaker which helps you while making calls via your boombox
  • Your voice assistant can easily be integrated with the boombox
  • JBL Connect+ technology will let you connect 100 JBL Boomboxes to give you more of an amplifier effect. All the other boomboxes must have JBL Connect+ functionality though.
  • It comes with a bass radiator which isn’t shy of shaking the floor below you.
  • You can select between 9 of its vibrant colors

Customer Reviews

This many reviews and such a high rating speaks itself for the quality of this boombox. Its low weight and size does not compromise the sound and bass it can create. It could be your perfect all weather companion whether you are inside your home or enjoying rain outside. Some of the users have faced issue of early drainage of battery on high volumes, which could be one of the shortfalls in an otherwise marvelous boombox.

  • All connectivity options
  • 12-hour battery
  • Waterproof
  • Noise/Echo Cancelling
  • Virtual Assistant Integration
  • JBLConnect+
  • Battery drains quickly at high volume
  • Charging port needs to be handled carefully
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3. Studebaker SB2145B

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Well if you still have not got nostalgic, then now you surely will. Studebaker SB2145B has the 80s look and is as cool as anything from that time. Studebaker SB2145B is certainly an ode to the good old days. It has got all the feature that any modern boombox should have, that is why it is in our list of best boomboxes. You may call it one of the best old school boombox with wireless connectivity.

With its special look and feel, it is packing some high quality speakers which are lit with blue and red lights when playing. It even has an LED bar which is filled with rhythmic lights that match the sound of your music.

Surely this speaker is portable and we guarantee you of some head turns when you are carrying it.

Best Connectivity Features

As some of the best boomboxes, this retro style player does carry all of the connectivity options. You can play your sounds from Bluetooth, CD, auxiliary jack and head phone jack.

Built in Battery

In addition to Bluetooth, built in battery comes under modern features in boomboxes as well. It provides battery time of 3 hours and would need that much to charge it again fully.

This battery feature makes it portable and good for any outside recreational activity and is easy to carry, thanks to its convenient carrying handle.

Main Features and Specifications:

  • Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music
  • Front load CD player and FM analog radio
  • Has got a multi colored LED equalizer to add more charm to it
  • Its built in rechargeable battery will easily provide you 3 hours of playing time
  • It has to have only 10watts power to play
  • Has a built in AC transformer as well.
  • It has got weight of only 9.1 pounds which seems less given the quality and high volume sound it can provide.

Customer Reviews

Buyers are in the awe of this old school retro looking boombox. It is not only the design of this boombox but its sound quality and bass which gives it an edge over its predecessors. Buyers have had an overall satisfying experience with it validating it for one of the best bluetooth boombox pick. Though its style reminds you of the good old days, its material is not that tolerant towards scorching heat and high temperatures.

  • All connectivity options
  • Built in battery
  • Good sound quality and bass
  • Requires Low power
  • Not heat resistant
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4. Sony Bluetooth & NFC Boombox

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Well, if you are looking to have your dance battle on the beat of a boombox and do not want to dent your bank then this boombox is for you. This is the best bluetooth boombox for the money. Don’t let its lesser price tag convince you of its subdued features, because this giant in a box is still packing all the essential features that makes you love a boombox.

All the Connectivity Options

Surely, as has been the case for modern boomboxes, this one is no exception with CD player, AUX, USB support and bluetooth pairing, with addition of NFC (Near Field Communication) which gives it edge over its peers.

MP3 and Non-MP3 support

You do not have to convert your songs to match MP3 format anymore with this device. Just get the connection via bluetooth or USB and let it work for you no matter the type of file you are trying to play.

Main Features and Specification:

  • Supports media file formats like CDDA, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, AAC
  • Bluetooth has a pleasant range of 33 feet
  • Support FM/AM radio communication
  • Has a long running battery support which won’t ask for charging for 26 hours while playing FM and 13 hours while connected to bluetooth.
  • Supports embedded SD card with USB thumbnail
  • Weighs only 5.1 lbs. with batteries, which is quite pleasant to carry anywhere.

Customer Reviews

Buyers have appreciated its overall performance and particularly its non-hesitant behavior on any type of media files it is asked to play. Battery life has even surpassed the battery timing estimates provided by the manufacturer. Overall best bluetooth boombox for the money. Some customers have found it a bit time consuming to set FM channels because of it being digital it takes some time to reach your desired frequency, bit by bit, which is not helped by it being without a frequency scanner to automatically set the frequencies right. Moreover, it does not have a bluetooth transmitter, which you have to buy separately if you are planning on connecting your boombox player to your head phones.

  • All connectivity options
  • Built in NFC Functionality
  • Long Battery
  • All media supported
  • No Frequency scanner
  • No Bluetooth Transmitter
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5. KEiiD Wooden Boombox

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Well here is something to go with your furniture. Completely covered with wooden exterior, this boombox gives your room a classic feel and look. Designed specifically for indoor purposes, though it is comfortably portable boombox.

This wooden bluetooth boombox has all the features and functions that any boombox should have. It combines a pair of bookshelf speakers and the central control part is originally a VW car CD radio unit, which is refitted in this boombox.

Its AUX feature allows you to connect it with your TV and place it beside while you watch your favorite shows with HIFi sound quality.

Built in Bluetooth and Microphone

Well bluetooth was the first pre requisite in this boombox, given the main feature we were looking for, but its bluetooth compatibility and seamless functioning will take you by surprise. While most of the bluetooth devices get disconnected the moment you are literally out of sight, this is not the case with Keiid Bluetooth Boombox.

For the input purpose you can have a voice assistant integrated in the shape of Siri and give commands by its integrated microphone. Answering and making calls while using this boombox has been made easy, of course only if a family member is calling and you are not afraid of literally everyone in your home listening to your conversation.

Multi function home audio system

Beside its bluetooth connectivity, it has features and connectivity options via FM Digital Radio, USB, SD MP3 player and AUX connectivity. USB port does not only play audio from the attached USB but can also play audios from your phone if USB is connected to you phone. So you have every option available in this boombox to connect with except AM radio which sadly does not work on this one.

Main Features and Specifications:

  • Keiid comes with HiFi sound quality and would provide amazing sound in whatever mode you wish to use it. Given its classic and vintage look most people prefer to listen classic and jazz on it, though it can certainly bass the hell out of any song.
  • A more humanized remote and button control. Everything about this boombox reminds you of vintage items as focus has been on convenience and easy of use.
  • Multi function home audio system not only supports bluetooth but also, CD, AUX and USB. FM radio is another convenience as well where you can preset 12 channels.
  • Built in microphone can assist you in talking to Siri and would allow you to have a conversation over the speaker as well.
  • Sadly, enough this boombox does not support AM radio.
  • While most of the todays boomboxes come with a built in battery to support you in portability, this has not been the case for Keiid, though there is place for battery but it does not come with the battery.

Customer Reviews

The main features loved by almost all of the users are quality sound which never cracks even on full volume and is high enough to fill the home.

This “swiss army knife” of an audio player has lived up to its potential and expectations of the buyers as of now. Though “Keiid”, the company itself may not be as popular as JBL, it certainly has put modern technology to perfect use.

As specified earlier, some users are not having the fact that this boombox comes without the battery which makes it useless for outside, but in its defense this is not its intended purpose as well.

  • HiFi sound quality
  • All the connectivity options you may need
  • Exterior made of wood
  • Built in Microphone
  • No Am Radio Support
  • No Battery included
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6. Aiwa Exos-9

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The Exos-9 is one very powerful boombox to fill your day with music. If you are looking for powerful sound, then this is the one to go with. Exos-9 is the only portable bluetooth speaker that boasts 5 active speaker drivers, including a 6.5-inch dual voice coil subwoofer, in its category.

Other speakers in the category have NO active subwoofer and are simply not as powerful as this monster in our list of best bluetooth boombox. The Exos-9 features 200 watts of continuous power where the others top out around 40 watts.

On top of this powerful beast of a boombox, AIWA, the manufacturing company guarantees customer satisfaction with 60 days return with no questions asked and 2 years’ warrantee, which is rare because most of the manufacturers only offer one-year warranty. That fact alone speaks volumes about the confidence of AIWA in their product.

Aiwa remembers BIG sound

5 active driver speakers and dual voice coil subwoofer makes enough volume to keep your neighborhood get the taste of your music. Most astonishing fact is the power factor as Exos-9 boasts 200 watts of continuous power, which ultimately provides immense output in big sound.

Have a dance party Anywhere

Exos-9 does not compromise its playing time because of its high volume and perfect bass and provides a 9 hour long continuous music festivity. If its battery runs out before you, it comes with an extra battery which is easily switchable and you can even connect another Exos-9 on you cell phone.

Main Features and Specifications:

  • Exos-9 delivers crisp sound with deep bass and at a volume which can draw attention of local authorities.
  • Battery can endure a 9 hour high volume music playing
  • Comes with an extra quick-switch battery pack
  • Connects with any Android or IOS device via AUX and built in NFC
  • Comes with a 5-band onboard graphic equalizer
  • You can use 4 available pre-set options or fine tune the EQ to your liking
  • Amazing 60 days’ risk free Satisfaction Guarantee and 2 years’ warrantee

Customer Reviews

Customers have been amazed with this best bluetooth boombox and the sound it creates and declare it the best among boomboxes with highest levels of sound. On the lower side it has its fair share of disadvantages which customer might consider necessary now a days in a boombox. Like, if you want to be care free about your boombox being submerged in water or want to have a 35 hour playing time, then this boombox is not for you.

  • Highest Sound Level
  • All connectivity Options
  • Amazing Speakers and Sub-Woofers
  • Best Support
  • Not Water Resistant
  • Not easy to carry
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7. G-Project G-Boom

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You’ll be hard-pressed to find another best portable Bluetooth boombox speaker that delivers as much bass as the G-boom. Between the sound quality, sheer power, and incredibly sturdy construction, no speaker priced this aggressively delivers so much value for the dollar. It is sturdy enough to take on any adventure and loud enough for your neighbors to hear – Whether they like it or not. If you are looking for a boombox to rock your party and do not want to dent your bank to have this pleasure, then this is the perfect boombox for you.

On Board Controls

One of the big disadvantage of most boomboxes is the absence of control board on the boombox itself, which forces you to have your phone in hand to switch between songs and cannot do anything from the boombox itself. Well this is not the case with G-Boom as it comes with on board controls and you can do whatever you want from these controls.

Connect Quickly and Easily in Seconds

You can quickly and very easily connect Bluetooth devices including: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Kindle, Smartphones, Tablets; play audio from laptops, PCs, and non-Bluetooth devices using the 3.5mm / AUX-IN jack. All these features make it one very easy to use and quick to setup boombox.

Main Features and Specifications:

  • 6 hours battery playing time
  • It is built tough with rugged housing, protective rubber base and an integrated handle for easy carrying.
  • Carries all connectivity options and one button wireless connectivity
  • G-boom features powerful sound, bass that carries, delivered through a 2.1 speaker configuration, dual rear-firing bass ports and provides Maxx audio digital sound processing.
  • It has a weight of 6.5 lbs. only which makes it easy to carry around.

Customer Reviews

Most of the users have complemented its huge volume compared to its size which is almost as of your lunchbox. G-Boom is good for any party except a block party where you would need to call a brigade of G-Booms to rock it properly.

Main downsides of the G-Boom are it being only water resistant and not water proof which makes it a tricky rainy season companion. Though volume is very high at instance and can be set on three different settings, the main cause of concern is the bass which is almost nonexistent in this boombox, but what more do you expect from a boombox speaker that is so much economical.

  • High Volume
  • Easy to Carry
  • Long Battery
  • All Connectivity Options
  • Bass is not good
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8. W-KING D8

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When it comes to wireless speakers you have thousands of different options. Some speakers are ultra-portable, some have crystal-clear HD audio, some can charge your gadgets and some are extremely rugged.

Never before has a Bluetooth wireless boombox combined all those benefits. Until now. With W-King D8 you can have all these benefits from a single monster of a boombox. If you are looking for an all in one option, then this is your go to boombox. More so, it comes with an extended 18 months’ warranty so you can place you order with ease of mind.

Its rugged look packs massive sound generating speakers, subwoofers and tweeters which promise a night club grade music for even extended period of time.

W-KING has been a pioneer in Bluetooth audio solutions and Wireless audio accessories for more than a decade. Since 2009, W-KING have been selling audio products in more than 150 countries. Considering all these terms, W-King D8 is a safe bet.


You can easily impress everyone with this pro wireless bluetooth boombox speaker, which is equipped with a 2.2 acoustic drivers design, 2 full-range speaker drivers, 2 passive subwoofers and 2 tweeters with anti-distortion circuitry. You and your friends can enjoy music studio-level crystal-clear audio anywhere you are. Despite focusing on a more of all in one solution W-King has not compromised the quality of sound, which to be fair is the first priority when you think of a boombox.


Is there anything more frustrating than running out of battery? You can breathe a sigh of relief. You will never miss a call, SMS, Social Media message or tweet again. W-King D8 Bluetooth boombox speaker features a gigantic rechargeable 8000mAh battery that will charge your iPhone, iPad, tablet, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG Android smartphone, action cam, mp3 player or any other USB-powered device.

This feature surely comes as a sigh of relief for people who needed a trustworthy travel or tour companion. What is the purpose of a 24-hour long battery of a boombox when you phone instead dies first because of bluetooth connectivity? Well you won’t be having that issue again.

Main Features and Specifications:

  • W-King D8 provides nightclub-grade audio quality on-the-go thanks to its 50W output power and 2.2 acoustic drives system.
  •  8000mAh built-in power bank will not only keep this boombox playing for 24 hours but will also charge any of your other devices while you are dancing to the songs.
  • W-King D8 comes with all the connectivity options from bluetooth to 3.5 mm jack. And bluetooth connectivity is pretty stable compared to other bluetooth boomboxes.
  • It is designed to endure some tough tests while you are outside of your home. Its ruggedness adds to its benefits of being shock proof, waterproof and dust proof.
  • It uses a 5V 2.0A charger adapter, which sadly is not included in the package but have to be bought separately or you can use your Type C phone charger, which works perfectly.
  • You can pick your color of choice from its Black and Green offerings.
  • Comes with an extended 18 months’ warranty which again is a compliment to the confidence of the makers.

Customer Reviews

Its tank like build and ruggedness is not the only thing which has amazed the users but also its high sound and deep bass which can rock the floor on any song.

Most of the users have also commended its battery timing as well as it provides 24 hour long constant music, though battery drains a bit early if put on high volume. On the downside, it is an outside use boombox. So if you are looking for a smoother and clear voice to listen to you jazz or classic collection then this boombox is surely not for you. It will rock your party, sure, will give you peace of mind while you listen to it, not sure. Another clumsy feature would be that bass is almost not existent on low and high volumes.

  • All connectivity options
  • 24 hours’ long battery
  • Battery Bank for your devices
  • Shockproof, waterproof, dust proof
  • 18 months’ warranty
  • Doesn’t come with charger
  • Battery drains quickly at high volume
  • Sound may distort at higher volume
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If you are prone to forgetting battery and charging your devices like most of us then this boombox is surely for you, or if you go on lengthy trips outside, this boombox will stay alive for up to 40 hours of constant music and beat. AOMAIS GO surely provides one of the longest battery timings in bluetooth boomboxes.

You can have 40W sound with AOMAIS Go’s two 15 watt full-range drivers & two 10-watt tweeter, and two passive radiators. Super bass booms with less than 1% total harmonic distortion. 40W volume level not enough? Easily pair two speakers, creating left and right channels, for a powerful 80W stereo surround sound. It surely is a perfect gift for music lover with an active lifestyle.

Your All Weather Partner

AOMAIS GO has the built of a mini brief case at first glance. Its shape is not only pleasing but also packs some features to make it one of the best bluetooth boomboxes. As has now been the focus in most of the bluetooth boomboxes, AOMAIS GO is waterproof, dust proof, and shock proof.
When we say best waterproof boombox, it doesn’t mean that it can only sustain occasional water splashes or rainy days but its one of the most outstanding waterproof features is that you can immerse it around 30 feet below water for around 30 minutes and it will work just fine as nothing unusual happened. Do consider your oxygen supply when you are going for that experiment though.

All Connectivity Options with Better Bluetooth

Tablets, cellphones sync in a snap with Bluetooth 5.0. Works great with iPhones, iPad, Samsung, HTC. Wired connection with PC, TV and other non-Bluetooth devices with 3.5mm audio jack. Connect any device with a playlist to have a continuous sound for any occasion. You can aslo use AOMAIS Go for hands-free calling.

One of the salient connectivity feature is that you can pair two AOMAIS Go boomboxes together and make then work like a left and right sound source.

Main Features and Specifications:

  • Provides a 40 hour long playing time and its 10,000mAh rechargeable battery will also charge any of your devices via USB port.
  • Totally best waterproof bluetooth boombox even for submersions.
  • It will give you no panic in water or dust or even if it falls from height because it surely is shock proof.
  • AOMAIS Go has got all the connectivity options i.e. bluetooth and AUX connectivity and can be connected two at a time.
  • Though it has got some high volume, its Super bass boom is with less than 1% total harmonic distortion.
  • Given the size of battery it is truly impressive that it recharges in about less than 4 hours.
  • Comes with a 12 months’ warranty and an excellent lifetime service support.
  • It has a weight of only 4.19 pounds which makes it easy to carry and an ideal portable boombox.
  • AOMAIS Go has a microphone slot built in, though microphone has to be bought separately if you are planning on making calls.

Customer Reviews

Its huge volume, deep bass and long running battery are some of its many notable features which are adored by users.

This speaker definitely shines at the low end and is somewhat biased for bass heavy music, but the top end notes are still clearer than earbuds, smaller speakers, phone speakers, etc.

Though two boomboxes can be connected at a time to give you more sound but those two have to be of same model with same bluetooth version otherwise they won’t be compatible to be connected together.

  • Long battery
  • Your portable battery bank
  • High and clear volume
  • Not suitable for heavy bass
  • Pairing needs bluetooth compatibility
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10. BUGANI M83 Rocker Volcano

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Spoil yourself with the best, bass-rich version of your music. Bugani M83 comes with 2 sub-woofers which literally show you how pulsating the bass can be. It perfectly accompanies get-togethers, camping trips, pool parties, or BBQ feasts with loud and clear sound and to get the party started.

The speaker supports stereo pairing for added acoustic depth, so you can create an enveloping sound field. Superb quality surround sound experience can be made by simply pairing two of these bluetooth boomboxes together. The saying that two will always be better than one proves as a fact with this Rocker Volcano.

Bugani M83 is one of the few bluetooth boomboxes which can maintain a bluetooth connection for an area that may cover your home as it maintains connection for up to 66 feet, no matter the obstacles in between.

Rock it Like you Mean it

Bugani M83 has got 40W Super Power and TWS functionality. It has got two 20W mid-bass external magnetic speakers, two 4W tweeters, and two subwoofer diaphragms. If you don’t think it’s enough, the TWS feature can sync two Bugani bluetooth boomboxes and upgrade your boombox to 100W.

Bugani 83’s digital audio processor pumps up the bass and enhances the clarity of the mids and highs. 50 Watts of power delivers surprisingly loud room-filling volume from the dual precision stereo drivers and Bass diaphragm and distortion-free stereo sound even at max volume. Indeed, Bugani is the perfect home speaker and travel speaker.

Perfect Outdoor Functionality

Well its water proofing is not as perfect as of AOMAIS GO but it does provide water splash protection to make it work during pool parties. It is IPX5 Waterproof which we suppose is enough if you are not making any underwater party plans. On the top of this it also has a durable and long battery which is not shy of any longest battery standards set by any other bluetooth boomboxes.

Main Features and Specifications:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 ensures instant pairing, automatically links after the second boot, and maintains a strong connection up to 66 ft.
  • It total 50 Watts of power delivers surprisingly loud room-filling volume
  • It has got 40 hours long rechargeable lithium ion battery which makes this bluetooth boombox an ideal partner for travelling.
  • Its battery serves as a battery bank for your other devices as well via its USB charging port
  • Except for connectivity via Bluetooth and Aux in, TF card port enables Bugani M 83 Rocker Volcano be a music library by just copying your favorite music to a TF card. Let it play standalone even without any smart device connection.
  • It has a Universal Compatibility with devices, such as smartphones, MP3 player, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, iPad and more.
  • Has got a fast charging port so you spend less time in wait to start the part.
  • Capable of making calls as it is surely one of few bluetooth boomboxes that come with a mic.
  • Has got two colors to it i.e. black and orange, though color only changes of the carrying handle.
  • It weighs around 4.6 pounds.

Customer Reviews

Users have been in love with its crystal clear voice and heavy bass, though while playing heavy bass you have to rest it on a stable place as it can fall of because of low weight. It has got easy to access control buttons to raise or lower volume which is a good thing if you are in water and do not want to step out for your cell phone to do so. One of the downfall could be that its battery drains early on higher volume and bass. Though it looks sturdy and rugged it may not survive a fall if you let it fall from height more than 5 feet. Other than the low weight and battery drainage this bluetooth boombox is enough to keep your taste of music intact.

  • All connectivity options
  • 40 hours long battery
  • Built in power bank
  • High sound
  • Heavy bass
  • Too light to handle its own bass
  • Battery drains early at high volume
  • Not Shock Proof
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Final Verdict

We hope that by now you have decided on your choice of best bluetooth boombox. No matter what is your choice we would like to suggest you to keep below features and specifications in consideration while making your purchase:

  • Watts will decide how loud the boombox speaker would be. An 8W boombox would be good for indoor personal party and a 40W or 50W is more than enough for an outdoor party.
  • Battery comes handy when you are traveling which should be considered while making purchase of any bluetooth boombox.
  • If you are a pro traveler with not much access to charging spots we suggest you to go for boomboxes which have a built in power bank to charge your other devices as well.
  • Do consider connectivity options as you might like using head phones sometimes or a mic to make calls for which an AUX may come handy. Otherwise for the purpose of this list Bluetooth has been the main pre-requisite for the categorized boomboxes.
  • Carrying handle is useful as well while you are on foot or like taking a jog while making your presence feel in the surrounding by your music.
  • If you are more of a pool party person, please go for the water proof boomboxes or clumsy like most of us then shock proof feature of the boombox is must.

Alright then. We have tried our best to guide you regarding your next purchase of boombox. If you need further information you can always visit amazon to go through reviews by yourself and make purchase when you have no doubt about your choice of the boombox.

Do let us know in comments which boombox you have liked the most.

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