10 Best 50 inch LED TV IN 2020

Whoever said size doesn’t matter probably never owned a large screen TV. Getting home from work, changing into comfortable clothes and watching your favorite sports or movies on a large screen TV that gives true to life colors and impeccable quality is a feeling not known to many. What’s the point of saving the world if you can’t enjoy it? We know that searching for the right TV and comparing multiple options seems like a chore. That is why we have reviewed 10 best 50 inch LED TV available on amazon. Bear in mind that every brand does not necessarily make 50 inch TVs. Some brands also consider 48 inch LED TV and 49 inch LED TV to be part of this segment as well. So we’ll let this 1-2 inch difference slide for the purpose of providing you a comprehensive product list. Here goes our list of best 50 inch LED TVs,

1. Samsung UN50RU7100FXZA Flat 50-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series

Best 50 inch LED TV

Let’s kick of this list of best 50 inch LED TV with the giants of the industry. Samsung has long been an industry leader when it comes to developing new technology for making products more advanced and less costly. From making bulky CRT TVs to producing 4k ultra HD sleek and stylish LED TVs, Samsung has come a long way in this field.

With its 4K technology, this Samsung TV offers clear and crisp picture quality with real life colors and vivid dynamic range. The cool thing about this TV is that with its 4K processor, it can optimize every program accordingly and provide a consistent picture quality. In addition to 4K processor, this device also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) which ensures that every shade of every color is visible on the screen greatly enhancing your viewing experience.

Bringing Alexa and Google Assistant support to your TV screen, Samsung has made sure that this device offers a more enriching experience instead of just being a TV. You can use this device as a dashboard for controlling smart home appliances inside your home. If you want to connect additional sound bars or headphones, there is always Bluetooth available for that. However the option to connect a mouse or a keyboard via Bluetooth is still lacking in this model.

The Samsung UN50RU7100FXZA is a smart TV and offers a simple solution to access your favorite streaming services and live TV shows. The interactive home screen offers multiple options to access different streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and live broadcast of sports and TV shows. If you are bored of the routine programs then the on screen guide can help you discover new content to watch according to your preference. The universal remote that accompanies this TV also has dedicated button for your favorite streaming services so you once you have completed the setup process for these apps, you can jump right to your favorite apps with a single button without having to navigate through the entire menu.

Do not be fooled by the size of this thing if you are worried about its weight. This sleek and stylishly designed 50 inch TV is surprisingly light weight and mounting it on the wall or setting it up on a table/console is a breeze. The cable management on this TV is also pretty neat. The power cable sits flush with the back of the TV and drops down so you can cover it with a single duct and avoid the messy looking cables that normally hang out of TVs.

Customer reviews and score

With 7,595 customer reviews, this Samsung TV has an average rating of 4.6/5. The true to life picture quality and HDR is a big hit with the customers. The refreshingly sleek design and ability to connect to different streaming services through WiFi makes it an all-rounder in providing entertainment for the whole family. Adaptive brightness ensures that the screen adjusts according to the lighting in the room and does not strain the eyes.

With all the exciting features this TV brings, it has one downside. The bloatware (pre-installed apps b Samsung) can be a nuisance for some customers as you cannot remove these apps.

  • 4k upscaling of all content
  • HDR support
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support
  • Smart Hub for accessing streaming services
  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Bloatware installed on this device cannot be removed and can be annoying

2. Sony XBR49X900F 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Best 50 inch LED TV

Next device in our list of best 50 inch LED TV comes from Sony. Sony does not need any introduction. The company has been making technologically advanced electronic products for a long time with each product capitalizing on intensive research and development of the company. The Sony XBR49 is another device in the long line of entertainment oriented products manufactured by Sony. Although this TV is not technically 50 inch in size but since different companies have different size standards, we are including this in our list.

Following the recent industry standard, this TV also includes 4K ultra HD picture technology. With high dynamic range, the picture quality on this device is stunning. The on board X1 Extreme processor by Sony provides adaptive contrast and brightness which means the screen adjusts according to the environment for optimum picture quality. Sony offers powerful real time image processing which ensures a higher screen refresh rate for high speed content like sports.

The Sony XBR49 also supports voice commands and you can use the built in support for Amazon Alexa or Google Home to browse through different functions of the TV. Not only that, if you have smart cameras installed in your home that support network connectivity, you can also use voice commands to view these cameras on your TV. However bear in mind that you would have to buy the Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices separately and then connect them with your TV. The remote for this device also comes with built in Google Assistant so you can talk into your remote to give voice commands, check the weather or control the TV.

The initial setup of this TV might feel daunting for some. But once you get through the setup, you can go right to your favorite app. The remote also has a dedicated button for Netflix which takes you straight to your account and you can start streaming right away. If you don’t want the streaming options then this TV also has 4 HDMI, 2 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0 ports so you can connect your external devices like laptops or portable hard drives and watch your favorite movies and shows.

Customer reviews and score

This stunning device from Sony has 861 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.5/5. The 4K picture quality and 120Hz screen refresh rate are a big selling points for this TV. Customers have also shared their experience of adding Bluetooth speakers with their TV to enhance the sound experience. Multiple input options allows you to connect various devices with this TV or simply just plug in a USB and you are good to go.

The software of the TV however is another story. Some customers faced difficulty in navigating through the Android system and complained about the OS being slow and non-responsive at times.

  • 4K and HDR technology
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home support
  • Multiple input options for connecting external devices
  • TV remote with built in Google Assistant for voice commands
  • Sony can improve upon the software and make it more user friendly and responsive

3. TCL 50S425 50 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV

Best 50 inch LED TV

TCL is a Chinese brand that has been making quality electronic products at affordable prices for quite some time now. Initially TCL failed to generate customer interest primarily because of the negative perception held by customers regarding Chinese products. But boy did TCL prove everybody wrong. By offering the same features as industry leaders like Samsung and Sony at a fraction of their price, TCL soon started making waves in the international market and has grabbed a considerable market share over the years so including it in our list of best 50 inch LED TV was a no brainer.

This TCL device comes with a stunning ultra-high definition display that is paired with a high dynamic range for vivid true to life colors and refreshingly crisp picture quality.  On top of that TCL has also included 4K upscaling in this TV which allows you to view your HD content in 4K quality, a feature that is usually offered by high end pricier companies like Samsung. With a 120Hz screen refresh rate, this TV can handle fast moving graphics pretty well without any lag.

The user interface of this TCL device is simple and intuitive. All your content, either from streaming services, your cable operator or over the air channels, are listed right on the home screen so you don’t have to jump through hoops to get to your favorite programs. The interface shows neatly arranged tiles of your favorite streaming websites and channels for you to choose from. The search option in the menu allows you to find new content by typing in titles, name of actor or director.

The TCL 50S425 is accompanied by a feature rich mobile app for enhanced functionality. With the Roku app, you can convert your smartphone or tablet into a streaming companion. When connected to the app, you can use your mobile device as a remote for the TV. The app also allows you to plug in your headphones in your mobile device to enjoy your programs without disturbing others. You can also cast your favorite YouTube videos straight from your phone to your TV. The physical remote for this TV is also pretty user friendly. The remote has a limited number of buttons that makes navigating easier and you don’t have to fiddle around with your remote to get to your favorite programs.

Customer reviews and score

 The TCL 50S425 LED TV has 7,702 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.5/5. The main selling point of this TV is the abundance of features this TV has and its highly competitive pricing. TCL has been aggressively pricing its products in the market to snatch business away from other companies. The company has been quite successful with its strategy and customers are really digging the picture quality and content options available on this TV.

The WiFi connectivity on this TV is not the best in the market and can surely be improved by TCL. Some customer reviews have pointed out this problem which can lead to post purchase dissonance for some people.

  • 4K upscaling and HDR
  • Simple and user friendly home screen menu
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Smartly designed TV remote for easy navigation
  • Feature rich Roku app
  • WiFi connectivity is a bit finicky and can be improved

4. Toshiba 55LF711U20 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Best 50 inch LED TV

Continuing with the tradition of 4K ultra high definition TVs, next in our list of best 50 inch LED TV is the Toshiba LF11U20. Another product that does not conform to the traditional 50 inch label, this TV is actually 55 inches but since Toshiba has a different sizing criteria we have included it in our list because we couldn’t bear not including this gorgeous TV in our list. Toshiba is another brand that has been making electronic products for a long time and their expertise is clearly visible in their latest offering.

This particular model comes with built in support for Amazon’s Fire TV which gives you instant access to unlimited new content. Amazon’s Fire TV combines live over the air channels and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ etc. The remote accompanying this TV has built in Amazon Alexa and native support for voice commands which makes it so much more than a remote. You can use Alexa on the remote to pretty much control every smart device around your home, order food online or check the latest score and weather.

The initial setup for this TV is also quite simple and does not need a PhD unlike some other brands. There is setup video for the initial setup that can guide you step by step through the process. However if you have prior experience with smart TVs then you can skip the tutorial and head straight to your favorite programs. We recommend that you watch the setup video so that you can benefit from the full functionality of this TV instead of searching around in settings later on.

The price of this TV is pretty reasonable as well considering all the features that Toshiba is offering. You can enjoy the picture quality and functionality of high end TVs without emptying your savings account. The competitive price of this product means that you can also shell out some money for a decent home theater system or your favorite gaming console and get the best out of this amazing device. The automatic over the air updates ensure that your TV is running the latest software and allows the company to resolve any widespread problems through software updates instead of customers having to physically bring their TV in for repairs.

Customer reviews and score

The Toshiba 55LF711U20 has 18,930 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.4/5. Customer reviews are mostly centered on the great picture quality and user friendly setup of the TV. The option to get rid of the conventional cable TV is a big hit with the customers as this TV combines all the streaming services and OTA channels in one place so you don’t have to deal with multiple set top boxes. 4K ultra high definition technology at a reasonable price is a big selling point for this TV in addition to the built in support for Amazon Fire TV that gives you access to a variety of content.

One issue that has been observed from the customer reviews is the weak internet reception on this TV that can sometimes interrupt your streaming. This problem can be solved with a software update.

  • 4K UHD technology
  • Built in Amazon Fire TV support
  • Market competitive price
  • Built in Amazon Alexa support in the remote for voice commands
  • Weak internet reception

5. Hisense 50R7E 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

Best 50 inch LED TV

Hisense is another Chinese brand that is making great headway in the international market with quality products and a very competitive pricing structure. Capitalizing on the same Roku technology being used in the TCL products, this Hisense 50 inch monster leaves no stone unturned. From great picture quality to user friendly home screen menu, this TV is a joy to have. Initially Chinese brands were thought to be of low quality and not durable. But brands like Hisense and TCL have dynamically changed the perception regarding Chinese products in the market.

With its 4K ultra high definition technology, you are guaranteed to get the best picture quality every time. HDR support provides you with rich vibrant true to life colors that makes every content you are watching come to life. Whether you are watching your favorite sport or enjoying your favorite videogame, the Hisense 50R7E always keeps up with the fast moving graphics with its 120Hz screen refresh rate so you don’t experience any lag. With 4K content upscaling, you can plug in any HD content and the TV will convert it to near 4K picture quality.

The Roku app available for both Android and iOS can transform your smartphone into the perfect TV partner. You can search for your favorite programs using you phone’s keyboard when connected to the TV. Navigating through the TV menu has also been made really easy by using voice commands through the app. Hisense has also added Amazon Alex support in this TV so you can also use voice commands to control the TV and also the smart devices in your home. The Roku mobile app also allows you to enjoy your shows in private by plugging in your headphones in your phone and connecting to the TV. Cast your favorite YouTube videos on your TV through the app and enjoy the UHD quality.

Most smart TVs in the market have a very complex menu that requires jumping through several hoops to get to your favorite programs. But this Hisense TV comes with Roku technology that neatly organizes all your shows and streaming services into one place that makes it easier for you to access your favorite programs. You can also attach an antenna with this TV to access over the air channels if you want to get rid of your cable connection.

Customer reviews and score

Hisense 50R7E has 370 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.3/5. The abundance of features and picture quality at this price is the main selling point for this TV. Customers are genuinely delighted about getting 4K UHD picture quality and a user friendly menu that makes using this TV a breeze. The Chinese origin of this brand might make you think that they’ve cut corners somewhere and the performance of the TV would not be up to the mark but Hisense has made sure that you get your money’s worth from this TV.

One aspect that Hisense needs to improve upon is the packaging of this product as multiple customers have complained about cracked screen when taking this TV out of the box.

  • 4K UHD picture quality
  • HDR support
  • Roku technology for easy navigation and mobile connectivity
  • Competitive pricing
  • Packaging needs to be improved for better handling and shipping of the product


Best 50 inch LED TV

How can we not include LG in our list of best 50 inch LED TV with all the great products the company has been offering in the market? LG has been consistently improving upon the technology and style of its products with each new addition to the product line offering a substantial upgrade from its predecessor. This particular LG TV that we have selected to include in our list does break away from the 50 inch screen size norm and actually stands at 55 inches but the gorgeous OLED panel on this TV compelled us to review it. The price might be a bit steep for some customers but this TV is totally worth every penny.

At the heart of this star performer is an AI powered processor by LG that efficiently optimizes the picture and sound quality for every content that you consume. The OLED screen panel makes full use of the 4K technology and AI powered processor and delivers breathtakingly beautiful image quality. The color range is surprisingly dynamic and does not falter whether you are streaming your favorite shows or playing your favorite videogame. The high refresh rate of the OLED panel can certainly keep up with any fast moving graphics you play on it without any lag.

With all this technology you would think that this TV would be pretty bulky considering the 55 inch size. But thanks to the OLED panel this TV is incredibly sleek and weighs practically nothing. Keeping up with the changing market trends, this TV also comes with built in support for Amazon Alexa, Google Home through LG’s proprietary ThinQ technology. This lets you can control the TV as well as the smart devices around your home with voice commands and you don’t have to fiddle around with the remote anymore. The powerful AI based onboard processor ensures that the comprehension of the voice commands improves over time through learning so you get a seamless experience every time. The TV also supports Airplay so you can cast your favorite shows or apps from your iPhone/iPad to you LG TV.

Connect you PC with this TV and get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience. The LGOLED55 comes with NVIDIA G sync support which allows you to play your favorite videogames at your desired graphic settings without any lag or downgraded picture quality. The AI powered processor at the heart of this TV gets all the credit for ensuring a smooth gaming experience. Not many LED TVs are advertised as gaming oriented but most TVs cannot handle the immense graphics load required by most new video games. But the LG outshine its competitors in this area.

 Customer review and score

This beauty from LG has 162 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.5/5. Customers are genuinely delighted by the performance of this device and don’t mind paying a bit extra for this TV. The OLED panel greatly enhances the viewing experience. The color are more vibrant, the blacks are deeper and the overall picture quality is pretty satisfying. The reviews are also gushing about the ability of the TV to handle videogame graphics with relative ease unlike other TVs in the market that lag during fast moving graphics.

One essential feature that is missing from this device is auto adjustment of screen brightness according to the environment which can be found in most TVs available in the market.

  • OLED display for great picture quality
  • Slim and sleek style
  • Integration with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • AI powered processor for better performance
  • No auto adjustment of screen brightness

7. Sceptre 50″ 4K UHD Ultra Slim LED TV

Best 50 inch LED TV

If we asked you to name the bestselling TV on Amazon in the last couple of years you would probably answer with the likes of Samsung, Sony or LG. Right? But you’ll be surprised to know that the bestselling TV on Amazon is Sceptre. A little known brand from California, Sceptre has been churning out great products at really affordable rates so customers don’t have to empty their savings account just to buy a decent TV. Sceptre products are usually targeted at people who prefer a no frills TV that provides decent picture and sound quality.

One of the main reasons for including this particular TV from Sceptre in our list of best 50 inch LED TV is the 4K ultra high definition picture quality offered by this TV. The stunning picture quality at this price point makes it one of the most sought after TV in the market. Sceptre has also included 4K content upscaling so whatever content you play on this screen is automatically upgraded to near 4K technology. This translates into vibrant life like colors that eases the strain on your eyes caused by normal TVs.

With its proprietary MEMC technology (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation), the Sceptre has a 120Hz screen refresh rate that is quite capable of handling rapidly changing graphics usually found in sports and video games. Most midrange TVs max out at 60Hz screen refresh rate and struggle to keep up with graphic intensive content. But Sceptre has got you covered whether you like gaming or sports. To capitalize on the enhanced picture quality, you can also cast your favorite programs on your TV from your smartphone via the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) technology.

Customer reviews and score

The Sceptre 50 inch 4K UHD TV has 360 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.4/5. The popularity of this TV stems from the fact that it provides pretty much all the features at a really affordable price. Customers are big fans of this product as they don’t have to shell out all their savings for a decent TV that provided 4K ultra HD picture quality. The option to cast you favorite content on the TV with the MHL technology makes it a great streaming partner.

The sound quality of this TV however could have been improved as suggested by some customers. You can always add a sound bar for a thrilling experience. Check out our review of best sound bars under $200 here

  • 4K ultra HD picture quality
  • 120Hz screen refresh rate
  • Mobile high link technology for streaming content from phone to TV
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Sound quality is average at best

8. Samsung QN49Q70RAFXZA Flat 49-Inch QLED

Best 50 inch LED TV

You might have heard about OLED panels being used by different manufacturers but Samsung has one upped its competitors in the market and introduced QLED or quantum LED so naturally we had to include this product in our list of best 50 inch LED TV. This might not be a full 50 inch TV but we’re sure that when you are getting amazing picture quality backed by Samsung’s expertise, you can let the one inch difference slide.

So what does QLED exactly means? Quantum LED panels are made up of quantum dots that have the capacity to portray a mind shattering billion shades of colors for every content that you play on this TV. This means that no matter content you are consuming, you’ll always get vibrant true to life colors. Never worry about missing your favorite scenes that are shot in the dark because your TV mixes black and white areas of the screen churning out a disappointing result. The direct full array backlight has precision controlled LEDs that auto adjust the contrast between pure white and deep black areas of the screen so you can get all the details in dark scenes.

This Samsung product also supports 4K content upscaling so whatever content you play on it whether from a streaming source or an external device, you will get 4K picture quality every time. On top of that, the 4K content upscaling makes playing video games on this TV a pure joy. With HDR support on board, the dynamic range of colors is quite extensive and makes for a great viewing experience.

The bezels on this TV are really thin which gives it a near bezel less look. Coupled with the sleek and stylish design, this TV really looks like a piece of art for your home. The ambient mode by Samsung can complement your room or lunge décor by turning the blank screen into creative visuals that add to the overall aesthetic of the place. You can also set it to show news snippets so can always remain informed at just a glance. Samsung has also added its voice assistant Bixby on this TV that lets you use voice commands to control your TV and smart devices around your home.

Customer reviews and score

 The Samsung QN49Q70RAFXZA has 734 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.4/5. The astounding picture quality has all the customers gushing over this TV whether they are streaming their favorite shoes or playing video games, this TV never disappoints. The ambient modes makes it the perfect accessory for you home as it will definitely add to the overall aesthetic and not be just a big black screen in the middle of your room. The price may be steep for some customers but the top notch quality of the display justifies the price since Samsung is bringing a whole lot to the table.

One issue that Samsung does need to address is the sole reliance on Bixby instead of Alexa or Google Home which can be a nuance for some people.

  • QLED technology
  • Bezel less sleek design
  • 4K content upscaling
  • HDR support
  • Voice commands are only supported through Bixby

9. LG 49SM8600PUA Nano 8 Series 49″

Best 50 inch LED TV

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, LG comes out with a TV that uses nano cell technology in its display. LG has been making great strides in introducing new technology through its products. Although this TV is just one inch shy from being a 50 inch behemoth, we had to include it in our list of best 50 inch LED TV because of its innovative technology. In a world full of OLED and QLED screen panels, LG has arrived on the scene with something truly unique.

Nano cell technology actually means that the display is composed of nanometer sized particles that combine together to provide a clear, crisp and refreshingly vibrant picture quality. The LED backlight ensures that your favorite scenes are illuminated in just the right places so you don’t miss out on important details. A major role in producing this stunning image quality is played by the AI powered process processor by LG. The benefit of AI is that the processor learns about your preferences over time and adjusts the image quality so you have the best viewing experience every single time.

Continuing with the trend of using voice commands to control your TV and smart devices around your home, this device from LG also comes with the proprietary ThinQ technology that combines the functionality of both Amazon Alexa and Google Home so you get the best of both worlds. The ThinQ technology does not require customers purchasing any separate devices for using voice commands as voice support comes built in. Use it to navigate through the menu, search for your favorite TV shows or control the smart devices around your home, the voice command experience is always satisfying to use.

LG has also gone a step ahead and integrated this TV with the Apple ecosystem by providing native support for Airplay. If you have an iPhone or and iPad, simply connect your device to the TV using Airplay and cast your favorite shows or videos right from your device to your TV. You can also connect your Apple TV to this device and enjoy the seamless integration. The Dolby Vision technology greatly enhances the picture and sound quality and gives you a cinematic experience every time.

Customer reviews and score

The LG Nano 8 series has 647 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.5/5. As expected the customers reviews are all praises about the picture quality and wide range of functionality offered by this TV. The bezel less design and nano cell technology makes it a wonderful addition to your living room. With built in support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home, customers have really enjoyed a truly hands free experience of using this TV.

One issue that some customers have pointed out does not pertain to the performance of this TV but to the privacy permissions required by LG to make full use of all the features of this TV. To put the customer’s mind at ease, LG needs to rethink their privacy agreement so customers don’t feel like being spied on all the time.

  • Nano cell technology
  • 4K UHD with HDR support
  • Built in support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Airplay support
  • LG requires customers to agree to their privacy agreement before accessing any features of this TV and this can put off many customers who don’t like the idea of their viewing history being shared with advertisers

10. Sony X800G 49 Inch TV

Best 50 inch LED TV

As we near the end of our list of best 50 inch LED TV, we couldn’t resist adding another Sony product in this list. Sony is one of the most experienced manufacturer in the market and the Sony X800G is a testament to the extensive research and development of the company that has enabled the company to consistently deliver new and unique products. Sony has also been making camera lenses and display panels for a number of other manufacturers which is proof of Sony’s technical expertise.

The X800G LED TV comes from a long line of 4K ultra high definition TVs that are dominating the market currently. This results is a breathtakingly clear and crisp display that eases the strain on your eyes as compared to other TVs. Native HDR support enables this TV to display a wide range of colors. HDR also provides rich deep blacks that don’t obscure dark scenes of your favorite movies and shows. On top of that, in this one of the best LED TVs Sony has introduced 4K X-reality PRO technology in this TV that brings out the natural colors in every frame and mimics the real world beauty quite successfully. The Motion flow XR-technology takes away all your worries when playing your favorite video games by providing you with a seamless lifelike graphic quality without any lag.

If you don’t like using the remote then you can also use voice commands to operate this TV as well as the smart devices in your home. Sony has added support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Home on this TV. You do have to buy these devices separately and connect them to your TV but the integration is pretty seamless and you can get full functionality out of your TV through voice commands. Use this TV to control the smart devices in your home and feel like a real life Iron Man talking to Jarvis.

Setting up the Sony X800G is also a breeze. Unlike most new TVs in the market, you don’t have to fiddle around with complex menus or invasive privacy agreements to get this TV working. You have the option to either mount the TV on the wall or place it on the stand that comes in the box. The remote does not have unnecessarily complex buttons so you don’t get lost trying to figure it out. The sleek and bezel less design makes it a great accessory to the overall aesthetic of your home and you also have the ability to turn off the display and listen to audio alone.

Customer reviews and score

The Sony X800G has 763 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.5/5. Customers are all praises about the great picture quality that comes with the 4K technology and HDR support. The ease of setup and use makes it a great product for ever customer whether you are tech savvy or not. Customers are also making good use of the voice command support on this TV by using it to control the smart devices around their homes.

One drawback of this one of the best 50 inch LED TV is the limited software support provided by Sony for adding new functionalities through over the air updates. If you are someone who does not care much about software upgrades and just want to enjoy decent picture quality then there’s nothing to worry about.

  • 4K UHD technology
  • Voice command support with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • HDR support
  • Sleek and dynamic design
  • Limited software support

Final verdict

Gone are the days when the TV industry was dominated by only a handful of manufacturers. But over the years, many new companies like TCL and Hisense have entered the market of best 50 inch LED TV with great products at really affordable prices. Every product has certain trade offs that you have to live with but you have to realize that not every product can be perfect and offer all the options. It all boils down to your personal preferences and budget.

The market is littered with many great products and making an informed decision is quite difficult for customers. Our review is an effort to help you in selecting the best possible product.

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