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We, at Gear About, strive hard to provide you with unbiased reviews of every gear out there while keeping your expectations in check. Whatever you buy, no matter the price tag, if it does not turn out to be as good as you were expecting it leaves you with regret. We are here to save you from any regret regarding the gear you purchase.

We scroll the internet regularly to bring best products available in each category, saving you hours and sometimes even days’ of research. Sometimes when there is new gear out we do try to get our hands on it to give you honest review about everything it packs. Surely there are some disadvantages to a product, no matter how great it is or how convenient it could be for you. When it comes to highlighting shortcomings in a product we never shy away or hide behind any affiliation and give you the honesty that you deserve.

Most of the times we try to provide you with a convenient link to amazon so you do not have to go through the trouble of searching for the product yourself which again could be tricky, given the amount of related items available on amazon.

We are always open to suggestions and if we have missed any of your favorite product or you disagree with any review of the product, please feel welcome to contact us via information provided on our contact us page. There are going to be sometimes when you have found our review to be helpful and we would appreciate if you can comment on our post to let other readers know about the quality of the review. We would be glad to be any further assistance to you in any regard.

Good Luck with your new gear. Alex Baez Signing Off.

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